Wonderful Wine What?

Mommy, she said. My teacher said I was a wonderful wine weader. That is an alliteration!

She really came home from kindergarten and said that. While, yes, I suppose technically “wonderful wine weader” is an alliteration I was surprised that her teacher would have chosen that particular phrase to teach poetry concepts.kindergarten_south_park

I asked my daughter’s teacher about it and she laughed so hard she was tearing up. The teacher told me that Claudia had been line leader all that week and that the actual terminology she used was “lovely line leader”.

And to think I thought I would run out of things to write about when The Goon Squad went to kindergarten.

* * *

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  1. Too funny…impressed that she knows what alliteration is. I had a hard time finding high school students who could identify that.

  2. A kindergartner knows alliteration?

    I’m falling way behind. Way, way behind.

  3. LOVE that she knows what alliteration is. I can’t even teach my husband that!

    Hilarious story!

  4. Aprylsantics says:

    It sure beats marvelous meth manufacturer.

  5. Lumpyhead's Mom's friend Sarah says:

    I love this story! Smart kid + a little lisp = endless entertaining stories for the future — trust me! My son is fearless in his use of vocabulary, but terrible with names and pronunciation, so even at age 8 we have the “who’s on first” types of conversations (which I find much more entertaining than he does, I must admit).

  6. I am sure the fun stories have just started.

  7. Oh, the things that come out of their mouths!

    I doubt you’ll ever run out of things to write about..

    cute post!

  8. Funny thing is, I knew she meant line leader as soon as I read it. Shows you I spend a lot of time around kindergartners. Teachers love hearing stories like that and I am sure it brought a smile to her face every time she thought about it that day. Very impressed she knew what an alliteration was!

  9. My friend Susan just told me her latest kindergartner grandson tale. They were reading a book about some kind of critter having a baby, and the question arose of where the baby comes from, and little Nate raised his hand to say, “From the mommy’s COOTCH!”

    His mother teaches 1st grade in another school, and she said Nate’s teacher could hardly wait to tell her that story when she arrived to pick up the kid. Oh my.

  10. We have a teacher that was trying to teach elasped time & accidently said, “like when you go to a wine tasting”.

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