Funniest Text in a Long Time

From my new neighbor:


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  1. Such a letdown.

    I don’t even think double stuf Oreo’s are going to make me feel better… but I’ll sure try.

  2. That is hilarious. I am all over caged daycare, our 3 year old’s nickname is ‘Animal,’ after all….

  3. Personally I think all daycare should come complete with cages! lol


  5. LOL!
    That should be in a movie.

  6. That is hilarious.

  7. What about leashes?

  8. LMAO!!!!!

  9. with a free roaming playground !

  10. I have some cages I could loan them.

  11. oh man so close….yet so far away..

  12. Whoever sent that must have been in Dunn Loring, because we just moved here and those signs are everywhere! Took us 3 or 4 sightings to realize they were for dogs. We weren’t so sure about our new neighborhood for a minute there… :)

  13. Hilarious

  14. Ahahahaha! Fantastic!

  15. Sounds like something Auntie Sue would do.

  16. You are not supposed to use cages?

  17. Hahaha, i got the same one but with the Old Firm in it instead.

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