I Left My iPhone in Philadelphia*

I found myself standing in the rain in front of Union Station thinking to myself

What kind of moron leaves her iPhone on the seat of the van?

Of course the answer is THIS kind of moron. I remembered my backpack. I remembered the Nikon D90 that I am borrowing. I remembered my purse. I remembered to bring my laptop bag. And I forgot my iPhone. My security blanket. I don’t leave home without it. I don’t go to the mailbox without it. It is my phone, my watch, my address book, my memo pad, my book, my iPod. It is the non-human love of my life.

More importantly, why was I in Philadelphia?

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* To be sung to the tune of “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”

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  1. If it makes you feel better, I don’t do the flu shots either. My doctor back home always told me that as long as everyone in the household is healthy that it wasn’t necessary. Plus I don’t want to be sick for weeks from the shot. The military forces my husband to get it, though. :(

    I <3 Philly!

  2. no flu shots here, either. skeered.
    thanks for the tetanus shot reminder…

  3. I’m with you. My daughter gets what the doctor says, except the flu shot. My mom and sister get the flu shot together every year and every year they get sick as hell. Yet, my mom still tells me to get mine. I think she wants me to get sick.

    The nurse at my doctor’s office said she will not get the swine flu vac, because she feels it’s too new, that not enough studies have been done. I’m with her.

    Also, who volunteers for drug testing? I don’t think I could do that!

  4. But did you get your phone back?

    I was invited but couldn’t go. I really wanted to.

  5. I am very closed mouth about vaccines, because I fear the crazy that it brings. I applaud you for putting that out into the world.

    I (see am hesitating even now) agree with you. I have given all of them…although I made the doc wait on Hep B with my son. I just couldn’t see that he needed that at one day old. Polio scares the crap out of me. The diseases themselves scare me more than the what-ifs of a vaccine. On the flu shot, eh…I’ve done it and been fine and done it and gotten sick. However, since I’ve now had a cousin’s kid get piggy flu this past week and she ended up pretty freaking sick, we will go get the shots this weekend. My girls are in elementary and that joint is like one giant petri dish.

    Sorry about the phone. I feel bad for you. I am permanently attached to my crackberry.

  6. Not afraid of flu shots here, but terrified of a single day without my iPhone. Could. Not. Survive.

  7. That is very cool! I love that they reached out to mom bloggers. We have done the flu shot when there is a baby in the house. No one’s ever gotten sick, but they complain A LOT about the shot. I’m not sure WHAT I’m going to do about H1N1. I’m still reading everything I can.

    I don’t have an iPhone, but even my regular cell phone is like the external hard drive of my brain. I can’t imagine losing it. I hope you get it back!

  8. I used to get the flu shots because we used to get them free at work. They never really helped, that I could tell. I always got sick, and usually got sick right after the shot.

    But it is nice to know that they are trying to better their image and helping humanity.

    Also, my iPhone died on me, when I was chargerless, last Friday and I felt like I lost a limb.

  9. This sounds so interesting and fabulous and am still angry at Mr. PunditMom that he had to be in court at the last minute so I couldn’t come along. :(

    We generally do the flu shots, though I was very wary of them for years. While I will be getting the seasonal flu shot, I’m still not so sure about the swine flu shot — did they have enough time to test it?

    But I have to say MAJOR kudos to GSK AND their fabulous PR person (he knows who he is!) for putting this together and reaching out to women in the blogosphere.

    Sorry about the iPhone. I’ll let you look at mine! 😉

  10. We get every shot imaginable around here. My husband’s required to get all sorts of exotic ones because of his job. For the record, the anthrax shot sucks. SUCKS.

    We get the flu shot, despite the side effects. No side effects for anyone this year. Except that my arm hurt … from my kids poking the Hello Kitty bandaid.

    Every sniffle turns into bronchiolitis for my preemies. Plus, I lived in Bangladesh for 10 years. I’ve seen what ‘minor’ infections do to children. Not my children, and certainly not any kids too young for shots who they might come into contact with.

    I have a weekly reminder on my calendar to call the county to see if the H1N1 shot is here yet. It’s good to know that the folks who make it care. And are clean. Clean’s kind of important!

  11. When I had Dawson, I vaccinated him as the pediatrician recommended. I didn’t research what the vaccines were made with. I didn’t read up on risks or side effects. I was a frazzled new mom who had bigger, more important things to worry about.

    This time around, I’m more cautious, because everywhere I turn, people are discussing the links to other conditions and it really makes me nervous.

    Dawson has never had a flu shot, but I’ve had one twice in my life. Both times while pregnant. I don’t know why I felt like I needed to do it. Strange, huh?

  12. Ohmygod.. that SUX. I can’t last a minute without my iPhone. I feel like I’m missing a limb. It’s my 3rd child. I hope you recover it, or can replace it.

  13. I hope it’s okay for me to do this, but I wanted to thank you. You gave the GSK site in Marietta, PA a lovely write-up. My husband works at that facility. The increased demand due to H1N1 pandemic has been very stressful on all of the employees there. But at my house, I never hear complaints. They are truly proud of what they do. Thanks again.

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