Venus In Furs

I am tired
I am weary
I could sleep for a thousand years.

The other day I could not get “Venus in Furs” out of my head. That in itself isn’t too shocking. I like The Velvet Underground and it is a great song.

The thing was that I actually was tired and weary. I am only 36 years old. My kids are in full day kindergarten and I work from home. What the hell did I do to cause this exhaustion?

I just kept saying yes.

When my 20 – 30 hour a week job turned into a 36 hour a week job I said yes.

When my editor asked me to write another post every week I said yes.

When the neighbors wanted to have coffee or wondered if I could feed their cat I said yes.

Did I want to go to Philadelphia, an event in DC, speak in Pittsburgh, dog sit, vacation in California, host a party, volunteer in the classroom, go to a football game? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.

Any one of these things – hell, any three of these things is completely manageable.

All of them are not.

I was freaking out all of the time.

So I quit my job.

I don’t know if it was the right thing cut out of my life, but it was taking up the most time and causing the most stress.

Right now I feel great about it. We’ll see if I still feel as good when the next Visa bill shows up.

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  1. Congratulations!

  2. If it makes you feel that good, it’s gotta be the right thing. (Dislaimer: This philosophy does not necessarily translate into all aspects of life, however.)

  3. Yay for less stress.

    I won’t even make you come meet me for a meal soon. Promise. :)

  4. Congrats! It was probably a hard decision, but trust your gut.

    Now we can meet for coffee. (Just kidding)

  5. Let’s hear it for less asshattery in your life.

  6. How liberating! My experience is that when you have the courage to heed your inner “no,” the universe conspires to make the Visa bills doable.

    (As long as you don’t go all Manolo-Blahnik-y on it.)

  7. Congratulations. I wish I had the balls to say NO to all the little things and some of the big things too. Enjoy finding your sanity.

  8. Good for you! It might seem silly in hindsight when that Visa bill comes in, but you’ll be a lot more relaxed, less tired and having more fun right?

  9. nothing better than driving out of the parking lot for the last time… so long, suckas!


  10. Good for you!! It’s so hard to say NO sometimes.

  11. Congrats! When somethings gotta give, might as well make it the least pleasant thing on your list.

  12. Aprylsantics says:

    Sometimes the stress of working from home can be the same if not worse than working in an office. There’s the pressure of prioritizing your own time, being expected to balance most of the househould chores (because you’re *home*), and never really having the privacy to focus on your work. Sometimes it’s just the job itself. I worked for a photographer for a while who micromanaged the crap out of me and always called during dinner, which turned me into a completely stressed out shrew. I hope you feel as liberated as I did the day I quit.

  13. It takes a brave woman to do what she knows is right, even when it means less income. Brave doesn’t pay the Visa bill, but when you do what is right for yourself and your family good things ultimately follow.

    Then again, I talk a good game and continue to say yes. Smack me upside the head, will ya?

  14. I quit about a year ago. It’s been a Good Thing. Hope it is for you too!

  15. Good for you, and I hope it works out and that having 36 more hours each week allows you time for more rest adn more enjoyment.

  16. Wow! Good for you! I know you’ll be fine!

  17. I have that very same “yes” problem. Congratulations to you for saying no. Enjoy your time. :)

  18. Good for you, although I am quite jealous. Then again, you can now console Ritch when I have my nervous breakdown!

  19. Congratulations! Onward to more happiness.

  20. Holy crow. This is what I get for being such a slacker about checking in. Wow.

    In any case: congrats (?!?) on leaving your job. Hope it helps to make balance a more achievable thing for you.

  21. Saying NO is a good thing!

  22. Congrats!! I’m learning to say no too. It’s been hard and yes, less money but I’m enjoying my kids and Dom. Also? I don’t look quite so freakin’ crazy. Maybe my hair will grow back.

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