Don’t put it over the crack, Mommy

Don’t ask me how she did it, but Claudia scraped her butt on a tree.

She was wearing jeans and climbing in a tree she knows she isn’t supposed to be in and somehow she has a huge scratch on her ass.

I heard her crying outside, but since she has a fit about every 45 seconds I decided to ignore her. Who knew that this time would be a legitimate injury?

(Seriously, last time I went out there to see why she was crying so loudly it was because Ian ruined her life by not letting her stand near the see-saw.)

To fix her problem I got out one of those huge 1 3/4 inch by 4 inch band aids that has some sort of antibiotic prepackaged on it.


I joked with her.

This is going to cover your whole butt.

Please don’t put it over the crack, Mommy. She said, Or else I won’t be able to poop.

I didn’t, but I like how her mind works. I think.

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  1. Tonight my son asked his dad which he liked better? Pizza or pooping when you really need to. What is it with kids and pool (the kid chose the poop, by the way)? Hope it’s okay I use your post since I’m not using the word poop that many times on my own blog :)

  2. Smart kid! And funny too!!

  3. Maybe some of the potty training moms will be able to use Claudia’s method?

  4. sueinithaca says:

    Here’s a stupid question – do you have a fenced-in back yard? I’m asking because I don’t, but we live out in the country with our house set back, but next to a church that can see into the yard. My daughter is 5 now and I’m wondering when I can tell her to just got outside and play already without sitting in the cold damp weather myself or being accused of neglect by the good folks next door (they don’t seem especially combative, but still. Clearly I can’t let the 2 year old out on his own, but the 5 year old? Is it time? Can I kick her out into the yard to play on the swingset (which I can see from the window) if I want?
    I can see that it might be easier with twins because there’s always someone to tattle if one of them is up to no good. hmmm…

  5. Claudia is nothing if not practical.

  6. my kids like to work “poop” into every sentence so at least Claudia had a legitimate reason.

  7. My daughter managed to somehow scrape between her shoulder blades last week – I believe she was doing something she wasn’t meant to be (not that I saw her or anything but she’s 2, shes always doing something she shouldn’t be) and told me she needed a BIIIIG bandaid. Hubby wrapped a bandage Right the way round her. Five minutes later she pooped herself- on account of being wraped up! Next time, im totally putting a bandaid over the hole!

  8. Ha! Sounds like it might have hurt though!!!

  9. This poor child will be reminded of this at her rehearsal dinner. Oh boy!

  10. I am totally laghing at your kid right now.

  11. She’s a crack-up, all right.

  12. Crack is whack.

  13. So funny! Kids always find a way to focus on the grossest aspect of an issue.

  14. –>That is hilarious. She’s very smart to be thinking ahead like that. 😉

  15. I love the way she thinks…

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