I’m Back

I think I’ve been a little off of my game recently. Not just blogging, but in general.

Yesterday I told my neighbor I would be convinced I had seasonal affective disorder if I were sad at all.

I’m not sad.

I’m just tired. Tired and lethargic. Getting out of bed is exceptionally difficult each morning, but once I am up I am fine.

I guess I am having trouble with motivation.

I quit my job a couple of weeks ago. Then I went on vacation. When I got back I was just tired.

Or something.

So it is especially strange that after three weeks of feeling “tired”, and waking up with a throat that was so sore I could barely speak, I was suddenly motivated.

I am ready to go again.

I am back.

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  1. Can you bottle some of that and send it to me? I’m tired, cranky, and sick. Oh, and being 7mos pregnant doesn’t help! *snarl*

  2. Frank Sucks says:

    I was meaning to tell you, the Bucs need to go back to the creamsicle full time

  3. Welcome back! I’d say I’ve missed you, but I’ve been too tired to notice you’ve been “off”


  4. I think that’s part of SAD. I don’t ever feel really sad, just kind of BLAH.

    I’m glad you’re back!

  5. Glad ur back & I hope ur feeling better soon!

  6. We all have those periods of time that make us blah. I’m there right now too, but obligations are preventing me from succumbing to them. At least online. Please don’t come over for a visit!

  7. Welcome back! Those kind of times suck don’t they, but it’s awesome when you come through on the other side.

  8. Welcome back Sarah!

  9. Yay, she’s back! Now send me some get-up-and-go, please. I wake up OK but I’m ready for a nap 2 hours later.

  10. Glad you’re back and feelin’ it. I’m still not feelin’ it. I keep thinking it’s something, like the new baby or the time change or the stress at work, but I think it’s just me. So, if you figure out what it was that brought you back, please share.

  11. Welcome, lady!

  12. hey haven’t forgotten about you… just haven’t emailed yet… still a little hungover… will try to connect all my caps friends with you/yours… free tix, meet personalities… many benefits

  13. Welcome back! If you wouldn’t mind sending me some of your “up and go”, i’m desperate enough to start paying!

  14. Howdy ho, neighbor! Glad to see ya back. I get this way every end of the year. Just ready to see it over with and get into the next year.

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