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So remember when I said I was back? I wasn’t so much lying as I was misinformed. Karma had other plans for me most of which involve copious amounts of mucous and trying to argue with a five year old even though I barely have a voice.


In lieu of new thoughts, I’ll just direct you to my MamaPop Top Chef recap. (And don’t forget to check later for the MamaPop roundtable. I sing some opera instead of actually answering the question. I am sneaky like that.)

There is also a strong possibility I will be back later with some questions for you. I suppose it depends on how fast and furious my cold medicine kicks in.



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  1. Mmmmm. Drugs.

  2. Where are my damn questions?

  3. I swear at first glance I thought you wrote, “So remember when I said I was black?” And I was confused. Because I did not remember that.

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