Really? Out of anywhere in the entire house you choose to sit here?

This Jerk

Hi, my name is Sarah and I photoshop stains out of pictures of my carpet. I never thought this is how I would spend my time as an adult.

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  1. It’s his house, whatever.

    Also that Photoshop alteration of reality is a marketable skill, you know.

  2. I once photoshopped weeds out of my garden. So yeah, I can relate.

  3. I once photoshopped wrinkles out of my shirt that drew attention to my gut.

    Why don’t you just photoshop the cat out of the puzzle?

  4. Hell of a lot easier than renting a stupid steam cleaner.

  5. Hey! I need to stop this stupid cleaning and just take some pictures of the house and Photoshop them! Genius!

  6. It took me, like five minutes, to realise the cat wasn’t part of the puzzle.

    Someone photoshoped out my brain i suspect.

  7. I love photoshop (and your jerk cat). I once photoshopped out my double chin.

  8. 1. We have that very same puzzle.

    2. I’ve photoshopped crumbs off of my kitchen counter before.

    3. Cats are assholes.

  9. Photoshop: housekeeping for the tech-savvy.

  10. Is there a way to just photoshop new carpet all together? Cuz the blue just isn’t doing it for me. Actually never has, and now I’m regretting bellying up when we moved in. Yuck.

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