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Hey! You two ants!

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  1. Jesus Christ, what did that cat eat??

  2. Creatures of the grasses: I am Kali, destroyer of worlds.

  3. Alright bugs, here’s the plan: you distract my mom, I grab the brownies. You get a 5% cut, which is, like, massive considering your relative size.

  4. Your MINE all MINE!!

  5. Come out with your appendages up and nobody gets hurt.

  6. The exterminator.

  7. Ok, Fall, you’re done!

  8. Rick Moranis strikes again.

  9. Listen Ants! You WILL march one by one!

  10. I’m gonna get you, sucker!

  11. I like Nette’s caption!

  12. One false move …………… and BAM

  13. This is Big Brother, “Obey”. That is all.

  14. With all the stuff I have to do today, this is not what i need right now!

  15. Grow, damn it, GROW!

  16. Ian hunts for his sister and Mother after his first Science Fair project goes horribly wrong.

  17. Attention, insects of my yard, come out with your hands up and no one gets squished.

  18. Kimberly Denham says:

    ………Die Sucker…………

    (sorry, couldn’t help myself. I know he is just a little boy)

  19. Fall towards me slowly Leafboy, keep your arms up where I can see em.

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