But Other than this I am Completely Normal

The other day at the bus stop one of my new neighbors was asking all the other ladies about where we got our hair cut.

I didn’t say anything until she asked me directly.

Because I get my hair cut in Tampa.

Which wouldn’t really be that weird except I live just outside Washington D.C.

That is when it occurred to me that I might be a little strange. It didn’t seem like a big deal when I was going to visit my parents every couple of months. I would just make an appointment to get my haircut whenever I was home. The problem now is that I haven’t been to Florida since June and I don’t have any immediate plans to go there.

And I really need a haircut.haircut_scissors

And I am terrified to get a new stylist.

I have no idea what my problem is. It isn’t as if I have a complicated style. I have a bob. I don’t even have bangs or anything. Really, all you need to be able to is cut in a straight line and not piss me off.

This has happened to me before. I lived in Orlando for three years and I drove to Ft. Lauderdale every 8 weeks to get my bangs trimmed. It is as if I have some weird Stockholm Syndrome type attachment to my stylists.

You know how they say that once your baby is finally born a lot of women develop a strange attachment towards their OB/GYN? It is sort of like that.

(I miss you Laura!)

Well, it is clear that I have issues, but I am going to have to do something about it. I am starting to look like some sort of dirty hippie and since I am in no position to fly Laura up here just to cut my hair I am going to have to find someone local.

Who has a stylist that they love in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area?

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  1. I drive to the DC area to get my hair cut. I live near Allentown, Pa. It was much easier when my mom still lived in Cheverly. She moved to Del.
    Not to scare you but I trusted someone here to cut my hair and instead of trimming it he cut 6 inches off and I looked like Mindy Cohen in Facts of Life.
    (I’d tell you who does my hair there but it is in Bowie which I think might be too big of a hike for you.)

  2. Frank Sucks says:

    I hear you dear, through college and my first 3 or 4 years living in Wildwood I would still drive north to the same girl I went to from high school. Then she moved, and the 90’s came in and I now just get it buzzed at the mall.

  3. I’ve gone to the same stylist in Eastern Market for six years. Love her. Email me if you want her info.

  4. Me! She’s in Gaithersburg, right off of 270. Totally worth the drive. Plus, they have a box of toys that occupy the twins while she does my hair. Prices totally reasonable.

  5. This is far for you, but a little closer than Tampa.. She is in gaithersburg, right by my old house. I wonder if Mel and I got to the same person.

  6. Dude, I’m way lamer than you. Every few years I go to this place in Springfield, where they cut my hair for free because I donate it to Locks of Love. I don’t get it cut between visits.

  7. Man. I have no loyalty whatsoever — which I guess explains a lot. One time I pulled into a hair cuttery on Lee Hwy just because I was having a bad hair day. Not surprising, the day got worse. HOWEVER, I had a gift cert to Andre Chreky leftover from a secret Santa (yes, last Christmas) so I hauled my ass over there before it expired. I LOVE my new cut. best damn cut I think I have ever had. Seriously. Mindy was her name? Maybe? Also, if you DO come down, let me know and I will by you lunch. Worst case? You’ll have a bad hair cut but a full belly.

  8. Forget all these suggestions….fate is telling you to come to Florida, dammit! 😉

  9. Aren’t you the same person that used to make me cut your hair? And I can’t cut a straight line & have pissed you off.

  10. Wait they cut your hair for free if you donate to locks of love? I usually do locks of love once a year and I have always paid. Wait maybe I am only paying for the styling and stuff.

  11. You’re normal. My across-the-street neighbor drives 3 hours to VA Beach to get a hair cut (and JUST to get a hair cut). I have driven 3 hours to my old stylist to get a hair cut. I am petrified of going to new people for a hair cut.

  12. I have one in Denver, if that will help. Seriously, you are not weird. Well, okay. Maybe we’re both weird? My stylist left me without warning, and I nearly had to get a new stylist AND a therapist. Luckily, my new stylist is great. I hope she stays with me forever. And ever. And ever.

  13. I just started going to a young woman near Springfield Mall. A couple of friends go to her and they have fabulous haircuts.

  14. You could go to the guy in Rockville who cut & colored my hair last month who called himself my new hair boyfriend because I’d get a discount and my hair looks pretty good this time around but I think you’d hate him and I think I’m going to hit Mel up for her Gaithersburg girl. (like that sentence? I’m rather fond of it.) I actually had another hairdresser in Gaithersburg too and she is fabulous but our schedules never worked out.

    If you go up there (I know it’s to Maryland but still…Tampa is far.) I’ll go with you if you’re twitchy about it.

    Also my ex-BOYFRIEND drove to West Virginia every other month to have the same guy shape his very unfortunate not-quite-but-still-a-mullet style. He may still go to him. I still pine for my Ohio hair stylist (as I noted when I posted a picture from that era is one of my NaBlo posts – did you see that? I’d LOVE to have that hair again) and I’ve been home for ten years.

    Finally, Amie loved her new person and her hair looks great.

    I have opinions about hair, clearly.

  15. So you’re telling that it is not normal to wait until I visit Tampa for a hair cut? Huh. I never would have thought it – not that I’m doing that or anything. I clearly have found someone here in NoVa. Yep. Clearly.

  16. i have the same issue now except my stylist is in st. louis & i’m in phoenix. i got my hair cut here once & he mangled it so now i’m scared to find someone else. i know i’ll have to, though, since i won’t be back to st. louis in time to get a cut.

  17. I’ve been in the DC area for nearly three years and STILL don’t have a regular stylist. I do major changes when I go back to California or London (so twice a year, max) and for minor trims I let my classmates get some experience. I get a discount and I know everyone well enough to pick the people who know what they’re doing. If you’re interested I can give you the names of a few talented students/new graduates and the styles they’re best at.

  18. What’s even worse is when you really don’t like the way your stylist is doing your hair any more and you are afraid to break up with her. Not that it has ever happened to a brave and clever girl like myself, of course.

  19. Now I really like who cuts my hair. I found her the usual way–asked the spike-haired kid who waited on us at the Japanese restaurant who cut his awesome ‘do.

  20. Your Mother says:

    Jeeze – just come home! Either I can do it or, if you insist, you can let Laura do it. Hmmmm, I seem to recall that I pissed you off too – better stick with Laura.

  21. I don’t live in the DC area, so I can’t really give you a suggestion.. but- I can totally relate. I moved and had to find a new stylist. I recommend any Aveda stylist. Never in my life have I had such good service and such a knowledgeable person. :) She took the time to really ask how I wanted my hair, what I do to it etc… great consultation and my hair turned out great. I’ve never heard anyone complain from seeing an Aveda stylist! (and no, I’m not paid by Aveda to say these things!)

  22. My stylist comes to me. She used to work in a salon but now is an independent person. I love her!

    Of course I only started going to her after I spent a year or so going back to St. Louis or Wichita to get my hair cut.

    Evidenlty this is why we are friends. I think it’s normal too.

  23. Go to Bubbles in the Potomac Mills Mall and ask for Luly. She is completely awesome.

  24. Ah, see I was never a girl so I never learned to care what my hair looked like. SuperCuts. Of course, I’m growing my hair out again for Locks of Love, so now I just trim my own bangs when I can no longer see.

  25. stephanie says:

    I saw this super late and obvs you have already cut your hair – but Stephanie at Zoe Salon in Fair Oaks Mall is WONDERFUL. And so is everyone else I’ve seen there. I love it and recommend her to everyone!

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