I didn’t put on any makeup because I didn’t want you to be distracted by my face.

Or I was too lazy, but definitely one of those two things.


Photo 77

Photo 82

Obviously, I manned up and got my haircut by a new(ish)* person. I am very pleased with the results.

Tomorrow we will see if I can replicate the good work she did today.


* I forgot but I went to her a couple of years ago. I didn’t go again because she smashed her finger with a hammer or something equally bizarre. I just know that it was something that made me think she needed to heal before I went back there to get my hair done.

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  1. I like it. It looks good on you.

  2. It looks great!

  3. Love it!!

  4. Cute! Brave girl… I’m looking for a new hair do-er myself.

  5. I like. The new cut makes your face look thinner and happier.

  6. I really like it! I think the side part makes a huge difference!

  7. You look fantastic!

  8. Love it!

    Next time take the plunge and get bangs! :)

  9. Like the cut. Did you go to the stylist with no makeup and sweatshirt? I do and I often feel dowdy at my posh salon. Am I the only one who doesn’t dress up to go to the salon? That seems to me kind of like cleaning up for a maid.

  10. i definitely like it!

  11. Very cute, especially considering that the person who cut it is clumsy enough to hit herself with a hammer. :)

  12. It looks fantastic!! I LOVE it!!

  13. Looks good. I can relate to trying to replicate it – my guy always gives me complicated instructions involving 2 round brushes and a heat diffuser…I’m always “Right! Will do!” NOT

  14. Well done!

  15. Prett(ier!) I’m going to have to disagree with Kristabella and be glad you didn’t get bangs, because I’m just difficult like that.

    Wanna replicate it? Get the biggest brush in the world with a ceramic center that heats when you dry it. I’m far too lazy to ever dry mine but that really works when I do.

  16. Great haircut!

    I, too, will wait ages to get a haircut. I used to go to Toronto from Detroit to get my hair cut, and I haven’t had a hair cut since May because my hair stylist went on maternity leave. She’s back, and I cannot WAIT until Saturday!!!

  17. Looks good!

    Are you free tomorrow?

  18. I am so bad at these games – what’s different again :)

    Looks good.

  19. The funny thing is that you say in the post below that you have a bob haircut. That before photo? That’s not a bob anymore. Not even close.

    The after photo, though? That’s a mighty fine bob. You look great.

  20. I love your hair shorter! You look so cute!

  21. I think I would like it, if I weren’t so distracted by your makeupless beauty.

  22. The hair looks fantastic! And bobs are super easy to style, so you’re golden.

  23. merseydotes says:

    It looks great!

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