The Fairy Debate

We were watching the Bucs getting slaughtered by Jonathan Stewart and the Carolina Panthers yesterday when a commercial came on.

Claudia said “Oh I know that song! It is The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy! I love this song.

I beamed at my brilliant child for knowing her classical pieces. “Very Good, Claudia!” I exclaimed. “You are exactly right. It is sugar_plum_fairy_balletThe Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky.”

Then out of nowhere the boy piped up.

“I hate this song!”

I said “Why, Ian? This is a beautiful piece.”

“Because it is about fairies. I hate fairies. Fairies are for girls.”

“This song is for everyone Ian. Not just girls, a boy wrote it.”

Ian said “No, Tchaikovsky is a girl.”

“Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky was a boy. He wrote the Nutcracker and a bunch of other music that isn’t about fairies.”

“Well, I HATE ALL FAIRIES!” he said.

Then Claudia said “Even the ones that give you money?”

* ? ? ? ? *

Ian and I both looked at her like she was insane.

“The fairies that give you money?” I asked.

“Duh. The Tooth Fairy.” she said.

Then she ranted for a while about the tooth fairy while I tried to reconcile Sugar Plum and Tooth Fairies and Hoggle from Labrynth.


Sometimes I wonder about the myths we tell children and how much we are screwing them up – both the children and the telling of the myths.

My daughter associates fairies with cash.

My son thinks boys can’t listen to Tchaikovsky because she only writes music about girl stuff.

I think I need a nap.

And a book about fairies.

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  1. Um, Tchaikovsky was also a… was a… er… he was… he was persecuted for his ORIENTATION.

  2. And now I have “Magic Dance” stuck in my head.

  3. While the book may be a bit too old for them right now, Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book (Terry Jones & Brian Froud – is a really great story, with beautiful watercolor illustrations, that has both the beautiful fairies we usually think of, and the “uglier” ones that look like trolls. While it doesn’t address the ones that give cash, it does say that they are responsible for a lot of mischief around the house. :)

  4. TM thinks she IS a fairy. A fairy princess.

  5. That is too cute!

  6. We are certainly screwing them up. Try telling my Jewish daughter why Santa is going to bring presents to her friends but not her. I can’t negate Santa, but I don’t want her to resent being Jewish. I’m going to hell for the stories I’ve told her.

  7. Don’t fairies bring you cash? When I think of how I’m screwed up, it has nothing to do with the myths that I was told.

    Besides, Eric wouldn’t eat pink yogurt for a year because it was a girl color. Not because it’s creepy and gross. He got over it.

  8. Claudia has got her priorities straight for sure. Way to go Claudia for classical music knowledge & for hororing anybody who wants to give her money.

  9. This is great. We have similar conversations around here.

    Poor Tchaikovsky.

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