9 Reasons I Won’t Be Seeing “New Moon” in the Theater and other Randomness

9 Reasons I Will Not Be Seeing “New Moon” in the Theater over at MamaPopnew-moon-werewolf-transformation

(hint, unrealistic looking werewolves is one of them)

* * *

The Salvation Army and their bells are pissing me off. I will not donate a red penny (or penny of any other color for that matter) until they STOP WITH THE BELL RINGING.

* * *

Do you think women will play in the NBA someday? I wrote about it over at BlogHer.

* * *

And finally here are few search terms that have brought people to my fair blog recently

lord what have i done what have i done done

my eye hurts after last night drinking
Those last two may be related.

gang sign for ill be back

if you liek jonathan safran foer you should try

zoosex confessions

drinking game like big booty
I thought I was the Queen of drinking games. Then I met some friends that went to Yale. Since I’ve never heard of the Big Booty drinking game I’ll consult with the drinking game masters.

Do they serve beer at March Madness?
Sadly, no. Something about NCAA sponsored events… Might I suggest doing what I used to do in High School and get wasted ahead of time?

Do you mean as in “I am the faggot antipope?

women wearing shaped diapers
Shaped like what?

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  1. For Key Club in high school (17-18 years ago) we all had to volunteer to be bell ringers for the Salvation Army. 8 hours of ringing a bell. People have no idea how hard it is to continually ring a bell while people try their hardest to ignore you completely.

    So I’m pretty much a grinch now when it comes to handbell choirs.

  2. OMG I have “You can ring my bell” in my head. OUT OUT OUT.

    And for what it’s worth, we could be your sister site, since people find our site using the search term “Diapered Husbands.”

  3. I have never heard of Big Booty.

    But my curiosity got the best of me and you’ll be pleased to know you’re now on the top of page 2 of google search results.

  4. Frank Sucks says:

    How can you diss the Salvation Army Bell ringers? That is in the top 10 of what defines Christmas! And I always drop a buck, they do good work.

  5. That no alcohol at ncaa games was a real hardship for my father-in-law at last year’s games in portland. Everyone went out at lunch and got stinky drunk. (well, everyone except the players in the post-lunch games)

  6. So what does a realistic werewolf look like?

  7. 1. Why can’t they use real wolves? Is it so hard? The fake wolves SUCK ASS. Drives me nuts.

    2. I won’t give money to the Salvation Army because about five years ago they banned 12-step recovery meetings from their rehabilitation facilities because they weren’t Christian-based organizations. So they deprive their patients of the most successful recovery program (12 steps have about a 50% success rate, compared to the 10% rate of everyone else). We used to bring meetings to those rehabs for FREE and they kicked us out. Fuckers.

  8. I paid a babysitter $50 to see Edward lose the shirt. WOW! I love him.

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