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  1. FREE?

    Dude, you can’t afford NOT to do it.

  2. Good for you! One of the ladies that does it at Eric’s school lost over 100 lbs! At his school, the adults white belts don’t take the same class as the kids. In fact, the kids don’t even get regular belts until they are 7.

  3. you are fucking awesome.

  4. oh my god, and also? now any time you think you are making some kind of parenting mistake you can be like, “Whatever! I’m taking Tae Kwan Do with my children. I’m awesome!”

  5. That is fabulous. We need video.

    It reminds me of the time I was camp counselor for a group of autistic kids and we took them to the pet store. The owner was showing them the 30 ft long 200 lb snake but they were scared of it. Silly kids. He wanted me to pet it so they would relax. As if.

    Then the phone rang. HE PUT THE SNAKE AROUND MY SHOULDERS. Now all the kids LOVED the snake. Which did not like all the attention and I SWEAR started squeezing me. I had to go sit in the van the rest of the field trip.

    At least you won’t die from the little white outfit.

  6. take the 6 year olds down. no mercy.

  7. Ha! Sarah, I love this….my very first blog post ever was about my free tae kwon do lesson…sister, you’re in better shape than I! Go get ’em, Girl.
    (I’ve kept my white belt….maybe you’ll inspire me…. 😉 Maybe I’ll tell our kids’ master about the “free year!”)

  8. That is so kickass! Claudia & Ian are going to look back on this with great memories, I’m sure of it. I’m with you, I’d probably feel like such an asshole myself, but, dude. It’s FREE. And it’s Tae Kwan Do! And you’re doing it with your kids. High fucking five!

    And Lori’s comment? I’d have died. Right there on the spot. I would have been that snakes next meal. Ugh!

  9. Two things made me crack up…that your subconscious has a filthy mouth and that you knew everyone in your group.

    If I was EVER going to do something like that (which, let’s face it, I probably won’t because I am far too self-concious), a class of 5 year-olds sounds like the perfect setting. They’re probably somewhere around my skill level and I feel more at home with a room full of kids than adults. I think you are awesome!

  10. I think it’s great that you joined – and love the instructor’s offer – great idea on his part, too.

  11. LOVE this! And your kids will remember how cool you were (at least when they were 5) FOREVER.

  12. You look so bad ass. Are you going to take your new found skills and go all vigilante on the criminal element in the DC area? You totally should.

  13. Next step….NINJA!

  14. Okay, you are going to love it! I took tae kwon do as a kid and it was amazing. So incredibly in shape, flexible, etc. I can’t wait to put my daughter in it and in fact I have even thought about re-enrollingmyself. Can’t wait to hear what you think about it!

  15. You look fierce!

  16. Anon e mouse says:

    I think this officially makes you the most metal in your household–because if the hubby says otherwise, you can now kick his ass!
    I love that it’s free unless you don’t show up…

  17. Awesome! Between your martial arts skills and my boxing we are going to be kick ass blogging street fighters! Or something close to that.

    You are getting a nice workout doing this.

  18. I echo the rest when I say AWESOME! And also: You are so much cooler than any Mom I know (mine excluded of course). I mean seriously, this is rad. I hope you enjoy it! You do look badass in the “little white outfit,” which is a bonus.

  19. I think that’s great! I was a yellow belt when I had to lay off because I got knocked up with the twins! I was in a mixed class, too, 6 year olds up to black belts. I would go easy on the kids and then they’d kick my ass, the brats. It was fun and great exercise! I would love to go back and totally intend to…someday. Kids have to be 6 to take it here so maybe then…Best of luck to you! Practice those katas! And your kiai, practice that too.

  20. And that outfit is TOTALLY you! 😉

  21. Oh, and remind me to be REALLY nice to you at Mom 2.0

  22. 1) So friggin awesome!
    2) at some point in our lives, we all look like tool bags – but if you can use it to humiliate your kids – even better!
    3) next time your kids get out of line, you can tae kwon do their asses – as long as they aren’t doing better than you in class!

  23. This is awesome! I actually studied Tae Kwon Do for years through high school and college and made it up to a Brown Belt. I quit when work and grad school got in the way of my training and now totally regret it. I’ve vowed to get back into it after this baby is born. Not only is it an amazing physical workout, the mental stuff is pretty cool, too. Think about it: if you can break a board with your fist what CAN’T you do?

  24. How GREAT that your kids are young enough to WANT you in their class! :)

  25. Bozoette took my word – and not in the annoying trendy sense of the word either.

    Knock ’em dead!

  26. No Sarah, You are such a BAD ASS!!!!
    You Rock!

  27. You do look HOT in the outfit. That alone is worth the price of admission.

  28. A) You are an awesome mom for letting your kids do Tae Kwon Do.
    B) You are an awesome mom for agreeing to join in the fun.
    C) You look totally BADASS in the outfit!

  29. Holy crap, your Master is a GENIUS. Because I think he’s right, the fact that you are in class really will help the kids practice the move properly outside of class time. And it gives the three of you something in common, which is awesome. AND it turns you in to a future client (becaus I’m sure he won’t comp your tuition once you’re hooked next year, ha ha!)

    I am soooooo going to tell our Master about this!

  30. You are the best mom ever.

  31. That is adorable.

  32. Dude. I’ll drive to Virginia if it gets me a year of free Tae Kwon Do. How cool.

    Also? Youse a badass.

  33. Hey hottie!

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