And Now I Understand Penis Envy

I didn’t know you could get free stuff for that sort of thing.

You Can Get a Free Trial For That?

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  1. Ha! Awesome. (I also like this post’s suggestions for other posts I might like.)

  2. Happy b-day, Za!! Hope you’re out doing something crazy fun or at least drinking some good wine at home.

  3. Ha!

  4. :)

  5. Molly Chase says:

    Oh my.

  6. Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa!

    I would have thought the same thing. And then probably grabbed some poor shopper near me to share the hilarity, and end up at best with a dirty look, or at worst, security called…

  7. I would like to have that package in case I get sued.

  8. This weblog is being featured in Five Star Friday’s 84th edition –

  9. In such a beautiful world, men from age ~14 to death would never have to pay for anything. I approve. Vigorously and without shame.

  10. must be a chiefs thing – I was watching the ski report this am and spit my coffee out when he said, “and now, going down on White Cap…”

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