O Holy Hell

Shopping anywhere on Christmas Eve is most likely going to suck, but shopping at H-Mart is a nightmare.

For any of you that are familiar with H-Marts, they describe themselves as a Korean-American Asian supermarket chain, and the one near my house is generally busy and the parking lot is treacherous on a normal day.

On Christmas Eve the place was a zoo.

I just needed some chorizo.

And for those of you who are wondering why I went to a Korean supermarket to buy chorizo I say SHUT UP! SHUT UP! I WENT TO THREE SAFEWAYS FIRST AND THEY WERE ALL OUT OF CHORIZO. I WAS DESPERATE!

No. They didn’t have chorizo, but I did see an unattended skillet of hot oil so that is something different.At the end of the day I was glad they didn’t have chorizo because the lines were all at least 15 customers deep.

Anyway, for future reference I recommend staying as far away from H-Mart on Christmas Eve as possible.

And I had chorizo in my freezer anyway.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each of you and may you have everything you need for dinner at home already.

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  1. I love H-Mart. I really do.
    But yeah, my rule of thumb is to stay far far away from that place on weekends and holidays. And before 5PM on weekdays. So essentially, I’ll only ever go on weekdays in the mornings.

  2. Best place for Chorizo is the Americana Grocery Store at the corner of 236/29/50 (actually on 236). And bonus for the parking lot being decent.

  3. sueinithaca says:

    In a chorizo emergency, you can google “chorizo recipe” and find a few dozen credible recipes. Won’t be quite the same, but will work.

    Says a woman who recently had a chorizo emergency.

  4. First of all, now I have to go Google “chorizo”. Second, I had to make a run to the grocery store last night because SOMEONE (MOM!) forgot to tell me that I was elected to bring a veggies and dip for 28 people on Christmas Day. The grocery store was…….infrickinsane!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the H Mart and another local place just like it but omg, we got some sausage from one and it was FOUL. Just FOUL. I don’t know wtf kind of crap they put into it, but it was NOT for Western Palettes.

  6. Oh, geeez. I went to H-Mart once and was so intimidated by the experience, I left with nothing. And I think everyone was staring at me because I am extremely NOT ASIAN. I wanted to apologize.

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