Crap. Now I’m scared too.

The Goon Squad (The Goon Squad is my five year old twins for those of you who are new around here) and I were discussing Santa and if he was watching you on the day after Christmas.

I thought he was probably taking a break, but maybe he had spies.

Ian said he knew exactly who the spies were.

The elves.

And they watched us through the vents.

Now I am completely paranoid.

All I can think of is Pennywise, Troll, AND a really freaking scary elf just waiting in the duct work.

I’ll never sleep again.
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  1. Thanks for freaking me out…I hate clowns and trolls anyway. I wasn’t afraid of elves until NOW!!!

  2. Please, don’t give it another thought. Those are not elves, so no need to be paranoid. Those are gremlins.

  3. Pennywise is the nightmare of my childhood. Goddamn Tim Curry. He’s such a great maniacal murderous demon clown.

  4. WHY!??!?! Did I click on the “more” link? 10 minutes before I planned on going to bed…those images are now burned in to my mind! Hold me?

  5. Thanks. Now I’m scared with you.

  6. You don’t want Will Farrell watching you poop?

  7. What No John Gruden hiding in the crawl space?

  8. UGH! Fuckin’ Pennywise! I’m still scared of him!! And also that clown on the new post office priority shipping commercials. holy crap!

  9. Thanks for the visual. Maybe we can take turns sleeping while the other watches the vents… creepy…

    Queen of Feisty

  10. Am I the only one who would be thrilled if Will Ferrell was hiding in my vent?

  11. Did you miss the Elf on a Shelf phenomenon this year, in which a stuffed elf sits around your house and flies to report to Santa each night on whether your kids were naughty or nice? I think my kids (and I) would have found that disturbing, but apparently lots of kids were fine with having an elf spy in their house.

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