2009: That Went Fast

What is the appropriate way to end 2009? I know this was a shitty year for a lot of you out there and I don’t mean to gloat, but I had so much fun this year. This is in no way comprehensive but it is what it is.


Devra, Pundit Mom, Goon Squad Sarah


MamaPop at  Bouchon 2

Life Should Not Imitate “Trainspotting”



The Sex Talk Aftermath


Devra, Sarah and Spike at the Food Bank

Megan, Sarah and Nancy Lieberman

Turn, Turn, Turn

Woody Harrelson Mistakes Paparazzi for Zombies


Happy 5th Birthday

Penis Envy? Not Me.


Ian at Mason

How do you do a Kiwi?


Mystics vs. Sparks

Laurie and Sarah

When Mommy Travels

Hot Chicks in Centre Court with a Side of Racism

Michael Jackson’s Ghost Tries to Straighten Out Amy Winehouse


Family Resemblance

I am the only one that gets to make my kids cry.


The Bus

Back Door Friend

Top Chef Episode IV: A New Hope


Lori, Stella (not shown) and Sarah

10 Years


From My Wii Fit Party


My New Headshot

White Belt

Well thanks for reading me this year. I really do appreciate it.

Now in a gross act of blatantly copying a friend of mine I will ask you what you wrote, or photographed, or did that you loved this year. Links are encouraged in the comments.

And Happy New Year.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of your husband. What a cutie!

    Happy New Year! (No, I’m a slacker and have nary a link to share.)

  2. Happy New Year-

    My favorite post of 2009 I wrote?


  3. Happy New Year!

    My year in review….


    Hope you have safe and happy 2010!

  4. You look so innocent in that last one.

  5. Funny you should ask, I just wrote all about it. I would have added pictures but that would mean I would have to get up off the couch. Nope, not happening. Hopefully I’ll get gumptious tomorrow and put up pictures.


  6. Happy New Year. I don’t have any cool links but I’m glad you had such a good year :)

  7. Well, I know that I personally had a lot of fun with you this year! Virtually. And hey! We just finished watching season 4 of Top Chef because Rick had never seen it, and there’s whats-his-name with YOU!!!

  8. Back Door Friends still sends me into fits of laughter.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year!

    The favorite things I made this year are currently sleeping upstairs.

  10. Loved seeing your happiness in photos. You have such a nice a lovely spirit and I’m always amazed at how well that translates into your pics. Beautiful!

    I’m grinning stupidly at my regained excitement about blogging. One of my happiest recent moments. (Mini-sque!)

  11. i always thought the world needed more mustaches.

    anyway, happy new year, from someone who remembers your lovely singing voice.

    Good luck in 2010!!! Here’s to life!

  12. Happy New Year, friend!!

  13. You know pretty much everything about my year.

    I love that picture of Ian from June. I think that may be my new favorite thing you shot this year, actually.

    I know you liked your birthday post over at my place and I kind of did too, not only but also because I was short on uplifting stuff this year and I liked it because it was. Anyone stumbling across your comments can read it too and be validated in thinking how great you are. :)


  14. Also it makes me happy to think we can both post that BlogHer picture for the rest of our lives, like an eternal meme. 😉

  15. Ugh. I wrote some stuff. Took some pictures. Liked most of it, but yeah, why is everyone all pissy with 2009? They act like we went through a recession or something.

    Oh, yeah. It was a tough year.

    But you’re still here! That’s pretty awesome in itself!

  16. I’m glad it was such a good year for you. Ours was alternately horrifying and horrible and sublime and transcendent. Just in case 2010 continues with the up-and-down theme, I’ll be drinking a ginger ale every morning…and something stronger by evening.

  17. You always come up with great stuff I just love your site you are very talented I’ll recommend your site to my friends and family members great job very appreciated..keep it up.

  18. Two things strike me: this is a great idea for a post and also you are insanely photogenic- as is the Squad. Happy New Year to you all!

  19. Oooh, I like this idea! I might steal it, even though it is already January 4!

    Happy 2010 lady!

  20. I got really sick after Xmas. I went to this New Year’s brunch thinking I was just hung over and I should suck it up, but I got to the party and was so sick I had to go lie down.

    2010 can only get better, I’m thinking.

    I took some pictures of my kid in hats.

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