For Christmas I bought Gabe one of those sets of Bose speakers that has a place to dock your iPod for the kitchen. He likes to listen to music when he cooks and our old speakers were old and crapping out.

It seems like such a small thing but this new docking station charges my iPod and so I am actually using the thing. I put it on when I am cooking breakfast or fixing myself lunch. I am shocked at how much better I feel just listening to an extra 20 minutes of music each day.

What seems like a long time ago now, I used to be a musician. I am a singer. I sing.euterpe

And I somehow forgot about it.

One of my best friends in the world is an Opera singer. I remember once someone asked her why she chose to sing. He answer was something along the lines of “Music is the only thing. It is what I have to do.”

For me music isn’t the only thing, but it is an important thing and I had forgotten about it.

How does someone forget about music?

I got distracted by life: kids, family, writing, working and the intense need for silence every once in a while.

Now I remember.

Tomorrow my neighbor and I are auditioning for a local community chorus. I am very out of practice and I have no idea if we will even get in, but I know I need to do this. I need music.

* * *

I bought the speakers, I got the iPod with my credit card points and I just wanted to tell you that I like music.

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  1. Best of luck!

    It’s amazing, after so many years of being a mom, we do get to a point where they’re independent enough for us to rediscover a bit of what made us who we were before kids.

    Terrible run-on, but you get the idea.

  2. Good for you! I used to sing back in high school and got burned out before college. I miss it alot, especially when I’m in church (which I am amazed that it hasn’t fallen in on my sinner ass) and I can actually hear the music over my fidgety whiny pair in the cry room. One of these days I’ll do it again.

    Good luck with your audition. I’m sure you’ll do great!

  3. Good luck! I used to think I would grow up to be a singer, and reading your post reminded me how I haven’t listened to my own music (you know, not Raffi) in a few years. A community chorus sounds like a great outlet!

  4. Good luck with your audition!

    I, too, miss my musician self. I’m a double bass player (classical) and was briefly a music major. I even played in a darn good community orchestra for a few years, but life and logistics got in the way. Any time a little Dvorak or Beethoven or Mahler or Brahms comes on my iPod, I miss it terribly. Not in the cards at this point in my life, but maybe someday…

  5. Omigod….I sang for years, it was a huge part of my life. Now at forty, I can barely remember how to read music.

    Last week I was invited by my old voice teacher to join her adult choir, and my first practice is tomorrow. I am crapping a litter of puppies, I am so nervous….but if feels right.

    Good luck!

  6. Good luck.
    I miss it all the time.
    One day, I’m sure I’ll find my way back too.

  7. Break a leg! I’ll come watch and applaud when you get into the show. They’d be crazy not to take you. I’ve heard you sing. : )

  8. You will totally get in! You rock and you sight read well. BTW not really caring about the outcome makes auditioning go way better. Just pretend you are singing to people who love you. (they really want to love you) I’m so pround of you and super flattered that you put me on your internets. Knock-em dead and have fun!

  9. That is so awesome — good for you! I played in an orchestra until Riya was born, and I dream of getting back into it sometime. I’m a little scared of what’d happen if I got my viola out of its case, though…

  10. Oh man I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but hubby and I love karaoke. Good luck!

  11. i’ve been experiencing the same thing! i’ve recently started listening to music while i get ready for work in the morning, and i’m all: “dude. i once sang at carnegie hall. how could i have forgotten about music?”

    and then i’m all: “oh, it was probably the vodka.”

    i’d rather have the music!

    good luck with your audition. i’m sure you’ll be amazing.

  12. Sarah, I totally relate. I can go weeks without listening to music on purpose (the kids totally hijack the car stereo every time I drive them anywhere), but sometimes it hits me, blam! I was lucky enough to sing with a local group on-and-off for five years, but the group disbanded this past fall. I miss making music more than I miss listening to it, for the most part, but not enough to rejoin my church choir (the 9:30 a.m. rehearsal is a bit too early for my tweens).

    Break a leg at the audition. You’ll do great and you won’t regret it at all!

  13. How’d it go? Dying to know if you were radiant.

  14. Just a few months back I realized that the only new music that I had acquired since my first born came along was a result of badly chosen gifts from my mom. I decided to snap out of it, buy a dock, and get back into it simply listening to music. It’s hard to believe that something that used to be a lifestyle can disappear in the shuffle.

  15. How did it go? I’m so excited for you! I’ve heard you talk about singing off and on, and I remember my own madrigal days well enough to understand that it calls to you!

    Good luck!

  16. You’ll get in – I’m certain of it. I want to go to your first performance. It’ll be the blogger event of the season.

  17. :o) Hope it went well!

  18. Make that :) Dang smiley rules.

  19. Good luck!

    I used to be in the music business and am sometimes amazed about how little music I listen to now. I need to get more music in my life, too!

  20. I used to be a musician as well. I miss it. Listening to The Wiggles every day will kill a lot of the musical drive a person may have. Fortunately my 6 year old has begun branching out into other music so I’m able to share some of my music with him, and as a result rediscovering my love for music.

    Good luck!!

  21. * Fist pumping for you! *

    For the five or 10 years before my father died, my parents lived without music. It just didn’t occur to them to seek it out. This always hurt my heart a little bit.

    Love that you’ve reconnected.

  22. I started listening to my ipod a lot the past 8 months while nursing. Then I started listening for 15 minutes or so before bed. It totally improves my mood.

    I will not be trying out for anything that would make me sing in front of other people, for their own safety.

  23. This is a good reminder. I “forget” about music sometimes too, and it does make the day go better when I include music.

    How’d you do on the singing? That is one thing I DON’T do, ever since one of my (FORMER) friends told me that I couldn’t carry a tune one night when we were singing Christmas carols.

  24. I’m so glad you’re doing this.

    I’m certainly not a pro but I’ve been out of the habit of listening too and it isn’t good.

  25. glad you are getting back into choir!

  26. I feel the same way about art. I’m not whole unless it’s a part of me and my life.

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