Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me.

Hello my lovelies. It is January, and we all know what that means, right?


Just in case you have no idea what I am talking about, this is the day for you readers to come out of the woodwork. Say anything you would like. You can just say hi. If you need a prompt feel free to tell me something you like. It can be anything. Please just say hi and let me know you are here.



Special thanks to Chris for reminding me that it is delurking day and Aimee for the art.

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  1. Hello Sarah!

    My favorite thing right now is the Glee Station on Pandora, Trader Joes oatmeal, and a cute boy at church. :) That counts right?

  2. Happy Delurking Day. I meant to comment yesterday, congratulations on getting back into music. That is my goal for next year. :)

  3. Just another member of the thong, uh, I mean throng of your fans. Delurking for a quick “hi”!

  4. Hello! Your blog is one of the few “mommy blogs” I read these days as I am busy chasing around my twin 18 month olds. I just can’t relate to moms of singletons that blog, I am on another planet! Hope you are well and enjoying this “warm” weather on the east coast today.

  5. Nodding.

  6. You still have the best blog banner ever.

  7. I don’t really lurk…but hello anyway! When can we have breakfast/lunch/coffee/dessert?

  8. I’m going to kick your ass for getting Pink Floyd stuck in my head.

  9. Hi!

  10. I only semi-lurk, but hey.

  11. Not sure if I’ve commented so, hey!

  12. Happy Delurking Day!

  13. hello…hello…

    just wanted to add…

    do you know how hard it is to type when the cat is trying to get you to pet her…

    Just saying!

  14. I’m not a lurker…But HELLO!!!!

  15. sararachelle says:

    Hi! Since I never comment, it’s about time I finally say thanks for recommending the “HUG” book! My son loves this book so much, we have been “reading” it almost daily.

  16. Hola, sweetness!


  17. Jeebus, I’ve delurked a lot of places today. Although I’m not sure it counts as delurking here.

  18. Shouldn’t the dude in the logo be facing the other way? Unless he’s got some kind of weird @ss window in his trench coat. I mean, not that I’m an expert in flashing people.

  19. No idea how I came across your blog many moons ago – but it’s now one of my daily reads. :)

  20. Delurking from Texas! Love your site!

  21. Hi, happy delurking day :)

  22. Delurking. Your posts always brighten my day.

  23. Found you a while ago…love your header!!
    My grandsons like me to click on your blog so they can “see the kid blow up the Mom’s head”…they have no idea how funny you are!! Lucky for me…I do!! Have a fabulous de-lurker day!

  24. Ah, yes. I think this is the 3rd annual one I’ve done here under various blogger identities. It’s become part of my annual traditions, I suppose. :)

  25. boo!

  26. hola!

  27. lurker! (a fairly new one)
    hi :)

  28. There’ll be no more “Ahhh, ahh, ahh…Is there any one at home?”

    Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to sing the next line?

    Not so much a lurker, but here to be accounted for. 😉

  29. Here.

  30. I’m here and I’m nodding. :)

  31. Delurker Day. I don’t know about this. But what the heck. Hi! :-)

  32. Hi! I like swimming.

  33. me me me me! I’m here!

  34. I commented for the first time the other day so I guess maybe that was my official delurking day. Keep up the great writing!

  35. *flashing bewbs*

  36. Here I am! LOVE the Pink Floyd reference.

    Are you becoming comfortable?

  37. Hi.

    A day late.

  38. Just a new blogger saying hello!


  39. Hi Sarah. I’m still lurking, even though I stopped writing myself over a year ago! Always love your posts.

  40. Now I’m jealous of how many people delurked over here.

  41. I am late but I swing by every week!

  42. nod and a wave!! Back to hiding now.

  43. S’up.

    I actually wanted to leave a comment on your post regarding your son’s spelling of “Jack”, but it’s really early and that part of my brain isn’t available yet. I decided to delurk instead.

  44. A day (or two) late, and a dolalr (or two) short. Oops. Missed de-lurking day.

    You make me laugh on a regular basis.

  45. Stephanie N says:

    I’m still here! And I still think you’re a badass. I read you regularly (albeit sometimes tardily), chuckle frequently, guffaw occasionally, and comment infrequently. Umm… and I had lasagna for lunch. Yeah, can’t think of anything interesting to say at the moment. Perhaps this is why I mostly lurk.

  46. I’m a bit late, but better late then never. A Happy Belated De-Lurking Day! We’re neighbors of sorts.

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