What the Hell are They Teaching My Kids at That School?

This came home from school in Ian’s backpack this week.


I’ve been laughing about it for three days.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


He swears it says Jack.

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  1. bwaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaa!

    Chicken on the menu?

  2. I was gonna guess clock but okay.

  3. that is AWESOME!

  4. I totally see jack. But that’s coming from a substitute teacher who works in the first grade classroom all the time. Misspelled words are very regular experiences.

  5. Wow, they are teaching that EARLY these days, eh?

    I really hope you save that to show him when he’s older. That is one of those OMG MY PARENTS WILL NEVER STOP TEASING ME ABOUT THAT things, or at least it would be in my family. 😉

  6. Once I looked closer I thought it said tack. Oh well.

    When my oldest was in 1st grade he came home with a spelling list that had ‘crap’ on it. I still laugh. Any guesses? It was supposed to say ‘crab’. The teachers got a good laugh, too, but promptly sent out a new list the next day after I emailed the teacher!

  7. Your kid is the bomb. The end.

  8. It’s obviously caulk, misspelled.

  9. Looks like Tack to me… lol…. yah, sure… lol. I just busted out laughing… thanks for sharing.

  10. Owen loves timepieces but is not good at grouping consonants. He runs around shouting “cock” all day long. Looks like he and Ian need to get together.

  11. Totally thought it said “tock”, but what would i know, it took me two goes to spell totally right..

  12. As a first grade teacher it is clearly Jack. As a parent, cock is so much funnier.

  13. Well, write what you know….

  14. Mmmmm hmmmmm.

  15. If I were homeschooling, that might be on my spelling list, just for fun…. 😉

  16. Nothing like a little cock in the classroom.

  17. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t stop laughing…

  18. HA! That is hilarious!!

  19. Obviously your child is a COMIC GENIUS and should immediately be promoted to the next grade. . .

  20. It looks bad from far away. Up close, there is no question that it says Jack. Still, I’d keep that & show him when he is old enough to laugh about it. I used to do “write the room” with my class too.

  21. Yep, I have a kindergartner named Jack who used to sign his name like that all.the.time…lol!!!

  22. Hope there’s not a Dick in his class. That could get confusing.

  23. I can see it after you said what it was, but yes my two get their letters backwards frequently.

    I love this age.

  24. I was hoping it was “cork” and then I started to worry about why Ian knows anything about corks. And then I wondered how much wine you’ve been drinking lately. And then…oh crap, my last synapse fired. It’s amazing how fast the brain works, isn’t it?

  25. This age of a child really makes me smile. They have lots of reasons to tell on everything they do. So innocent!

  26. Ha! LOVE it! I am guessing Talk? Thanks for the laugh, I so needed it. Cock…hahahahahaha…


  27. Why haven’t I been reading this? Freakin hilarious!!

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