And the World Continues to Get Smaller

My neighbor was picking up her daughter who was over here playing with Claudia when she told me that she was watching a power point presentation at work and there was a picture of me in it.

Strange? Yes, until the guy giving the presentation told her it was a picture from the BlogHer conference last summer.

You know what is even stranger than that?

While we were having that conversation our children were making robots and snowmen out of paper and drawing butts on them.

Ian calls this work Snowman with a Booty.





(all over)

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  1. Your kids never fail to make me giggle!

  2. Wait. That’s weird. I mean, what are the chances? Is your neighbor a blogger? Is that the kind of work they do? SMALL WORLD.

  3. I love a good snowman ass.

  4. HA!

    Also, I can so see that happening to me, as I sit in a presentation at work and my photo shows up from BlogHer or something. That would be fun to explain!

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