The Psychic

Did I ever tell you that one time a psychic told me that I would marry a man whose name began with the letter “G”?

That was about 18 months before I met Gabe.

Creepy, right?

Then again, she also told me that I would live in the Pacific Northwest and work in textiles, so one out of three ain’t bad.

Okay, one out of three is pretty crappy, but still G was a good call. There aren’t that many boy names that start with a G: George, Geoff, Gabriel, Grant, Gordon. I’m sure there are many more but it isn’t like she said I would marry someone whose name began with an J or an M.

I suppose I could still end up in Seattle or Portland. I’m only 37. I have a lot of time left to move around.

But the textile thing, I’m just not seeing it.

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  1. If you don’t already live here in the “Great” Pacific Northwest, you are ahead of the game. I am an implant from California, and I miss the sun so much. In fact, everyone here makes the “What is that bright yellow orb in the sky?” joke every day the sun is out.


  2. smart aleck... says:

    there’s also Greg/Gregory…but that’s pretty cool…

    but may I ask how long ago was this prediction and how old was she? I’m considering the fact that you do a lot of work with the Internet…maybe she saw “net/netting” and only thought of fabric, not technology.

    And…how much time do you spend in coffee shops/Starbucks/Seattle’s Best at Borders? Because there are weeks that I “live” in the Pacific Northwest because I’ve imbibed so much coffee!

    Plus you travel for blogging events–how much time do you spend on Northwest Airlines (now a part of Delta)?

    Sometimes they get it right…sometimes they get glimpses and interpret it right or wrong.

  3. I could get you started obsessing over textiles with about an hour of indoctrination. In case you ever want to. After you move to Seattle.

  4. Even when they get one thing right, it still creeps me out! I went to one a long time ago and she was (looking back now) accurate about quite a few things. She took my hand and told me she wasn’t sure why I was wearing a wedding band if I wasn’t married (wore it to make single motherhood “easier”…realized soon after that I just needed to embrace it), and told me that I was going to be in a relationship soon but it wouldn’t work out and eventually I’d get it right with “X”, gave me an actual name. I’d totally forgotten about it until a couple years ago when I pulled out the tape and listened. She was dead right with that name. Well, so far. 😉

  5. Whenever I think of Psychics I always think of the Alamo.

  6. You have to dress yourself and twins everyday, in my book that is pretty into textiles.

  7. One time a palm reader told me that while I would be married, I would never be truly happy and it would never last(because my “love line” did not meet up with my “life line”). I have been married for 6 years…sometimes I wonder if she was right.

    She also said I would be well-off financially, and well, I think she was wrong about that one.

  8. You do weave a good story with words. Does that count?

  9. My psychic told me his name would start with M. And I would meet him in July or August of last year. I’m still waiting.

    She nailed some other things, but as for the predicting part, not so good!

  10. On a recent episode of House they used “textiles” as a code word for “drug trade.” You could do that.

  11. A great house is going up for sale around the corner from us, feel free to move in.

  12. Laundry = textiles.

    And you are not allowed to leave here until I do, just to be clear.

  13. Oh, and SUITS. Draft Day SUITS.

    That bitch was on point with almost everything.

  14. Psychics annoy me.

  15. Geoff Barr??? Maybe he was finally ready to reciprocate? However, I’m sure Gabe makes a much better hubby. But, can he skate???

  16. Funny you says J or M… the psychic I went to said I would marry someone whose name starts with J. I guess I could always get married again to make it true.

  17. you know that physic at your baby shower predicted I would be involved in purchasing and art and she wasn’t too far off considering she knew nothing about me. That always seemed weird to me!

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