Generation Gap

Ian was in the shower and spiking up his hair.

Actual Father Not Shown

Actual Father Not Shown

I said “Are you making liberty spikes?”

He said “What is a liberty spike?”

I explained to him what a liberty spikes were and what a mohawk was.

“You know your Dad used to have a mohawk. A purple one.”

“No he didn’t. He had a purple head?”

“No, honey, just his hair was purple. His head was regular color. He used to have a nose ring too.” I said. ” A Bull Ring, like this” and I demonstrated what a bull ring looks like.

And my five year old son said “That is so old fashioned.”

Welcome to 2010 people. We are old now.

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  1. You guys are old crocks. Sad.

  2. I’d be disappointed if my kids never told me I was old fashioned.

    Also, we either should or should never get our kids together–just last night, 3B was saying he wants his hair to be long and “all funky,” which is his way of saying spiked.

    No word on piercings yet, though.

  3. Well, clearly they are old fashioned.

    Maybe a nice tattoo. All the kids are getting those these days.

  4. Seriously, who goes in for purple mohawks and bull rings these days? it’s all about lip windows now. have you see this:

  5. OH MY GOD! MY EYES!!!

  6. Wow. So this is what old feels like? :)

  7. I was thinking that last week, that somehow I blinked and became seriously uncool. Then again, I never was really all that cool. Shhh, don’t tell my girls.

  8. I probably would have had to demonstrate my old age by having a god damn stroke and dying. OMG. Wow!

  9. I would rather be very uncool then have a lip window. That is creepy. Imagine what it looks like when she’s eating. Gross.

    BTW, my children knew what liberty spikes where from school. Apparently the gad happened between when my kids were born & when your’s were (3 years, I think). Also, Justin thinks Pac-man is the coolest video game ever.

  10. OMG the lip window is so creepy!! What if you had spinach in your teeth?

  11. Hey wait. I thought we all agreed to not get old. Did we all blink and suddenly miss it?

    And the lip window is just wrong.

  12. Ha ha ha!

    (p.s. – was in DC for like 14 minutes. Up and back in one day.)

  13. Sooo old fashioned, c’mon! You need to have a colored head! lol…love it!

  14. Do not let that Jenni post any more links – aaaah! My kids know all about liberty spikes thanks to Guitar Hero, they want mohawks.

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