I Love it When She Sets Me Up

On the day after Snowmageddon 2010 I was supposed to be helping Claudia clean her room. Instead I was taking pictures out of her bedroom window.


I was taking pictures of icicles when Ian walked in and said “Is that a bear?”


The kids thought I was taking pictures of the large mammal in our back yard that I hadn’t even noticed.

I yelled “Hey Gabe! There is a huge doe in our back yard!”

And that is when Claudia fed me the line. She said “What is a doe?”


I got to say – completely in context and with absolute accuracy – “A deer, a female deer.”

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  1. Fabulous! That is joy that I can completely understand.

  2. Oh, look — a ray! A ray of golden sun!

  3. Looks like you could use a “ray” or two to melt that ridiculous amount of snow!!

  4. I LOVE it! Reminds me of the time someone spilled a drink on me and I was able to say: “Drink up everyone — the wine’s on me.”

  5. Did you stay inside and drink some Ti?

  6. I like William’s comment.

  7. Today I’m planning to

    sew, a needle pulling thread!

  8. That’s the coolest reason for a setup ever. We’ve had lots of critters in our yard, but never a doe. Or a deer.

  9. I’m such a softy. All I could think was “Awww, she’s hungry, throw her some veggies”

  10. ..and the doe was standing in ray, a drop of golden sun.

    What do you call yourself?

  11. AWESOME! I love it when things work out like that.

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