The Forecast Calls for 10 More Inches of Snow

Because we need more snow like I need more dirty laundry.


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  1. And I thought our unheard of foot of snow that stayed around for 3 weeks was bad.

  2. –>I grew up in that area and know how everyone freaks OUT when it snows. I live just south of you now (in va beach) and we got just a dusting last weekend and it looks like rain for us today. I’m ready for spring!

  3. Beware the snowpocalyse!

    I hear it’s started there already. It’s not here yet and I don’t really believe it’s coming.

  4. This shit is getting way fuuucked up. Enough already.

  5. I hear ya. I think we are going to luck out with only a couple more inches here at the beach in Delaware. Hang in there! Stay as warm and dry as possible. I’m finding that eating during the snowstorm is working for me!!

  6. Holy freaking cow man. That is too much snow.

    I’m really sorry Sarah, but dam I’m glad it’s not here.

  7. One of my kids said this afternoon “aw, it stopped snowing.” I swear my head nearly spun around. We’ve got 3 feet-ish on the ground, this on the way and they aren’t going back to school until TUESDAY.

  8. Personally I give up. I’m gonna make like a bear and sleep til spring. Wake me when it’s over and I’ll eat raw salmon from the river and crap in the woods.

  9. Damn, that doesn’t look fun.

    I wore shorts today. Just sayin. :)

  10. Whoever pissed off the snow god, please raise your hand so I know who to smack. Thanks.

  11. I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt and flipflops. And I have the bedroom windows open.

    I’m sorry.

    Not really.

  12. Redrum! Redrum!

  13. Hang in there!

  14. Oh see I miss snow like that. You get this sort of winter wonderland feeling and everything is white. In Canada I used to love it! Here in Holland I love when we get snow for the first time but we never get much and it never goes up above your shoes. Within a day it’s slushy and brown and the entire country grinds to a halt because they can’t cope.

    I also woke up to snow today, like a CM of it and was muttering haha it’s sad how such a ridiculously small amount of snow here can be like 2 feet of snow back in North America… and even then back in NA people still cope much better with it!

  15. cooooooooool!!! :)

  16. ohmigod. That is too much snow. Got the aircon on here, its too damn hot!

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