Snowpocalypse Now

Yesterday my husband came in from shoveling and knocking huge icicles off of our roof.


Him: I just talked to all of our neighbors.

Me: Really, what is everybody doing out there

Him: Janet is cursing in her driveway.

Me: That sounds pretty good. Maybe I’ll go out too.

Him: Well, she was shoveling. You can’t just go out there and wander around and mutter obscenities. You have to actually be doing something productive.

Me: Oh, well, never mind then.

But I went out anyway. It was nuts! NUTS I SAY!

I don’t think that people understand what it is really like here. My children have only gone to school one day in February.

I have not gone more than 300 yards from my house in eight days.

On the upside, when I ventured out Janet was still cursing in her driveway and it was just as awesome as I had hoped.


I swear her driveway is under there somewhere.

Somebody told me that it is supposed to snow more next week. I think I might lose my shit entirely.  This could go either way, a crying jag or a killing spree. Let’s all root for the weeping.

All work and no play make Sarah something something.

Calm down, I’m not going to kill anyone. But since Gabe went to work today (No, he couldn’t get out by car. He HIKED to the main road and had a friend from work pick him up. True story.) it is possible that I will go outside and wander around mumbling profanities. That sounds freeing, and kind of fun.

Don’t judge my ideas about fun. It has been a rough week.


This Means Something

I know Kris, #firstworldproblems right? I am stir crazy but I really can’t complain too much. We didn’t even lose power. The worst thing that happened to me (besides being trapped with my own progeny for 8 days in a row) is that I missed a Caps game because our satellite was out.

Everyone should be lucky enough to have my problems.

And as much as I bitch about it sometimes the snow is really pretty.


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  1. El Nino is one sick SOB.

  2. I don’t think I can comprehend how much snow you and others actually have. I watched pictures from other bloggers over the weekend and it’s astounding how much there is.

    Being from Cleveland and living in the snow belt, we haven’t had THAT much snow yet this year. Hoping it stays that way.

  3. Dude, I lost my shit yesterday. And now our area is under a snow emergency so even if we COULD get out we are not ALLOWED to get out. And the kids don’t go back to school for FIVE MORE DAYS. I’m hiking to nearest liquor store this afternoon, I swear. Stay sane!

  4. Go crazy? Thanks! Don’t mind if I do!

    Right there with you, sister. We dug ourselves out enough on Tuesday that I was able to go to the gym and the grocery store before 2.0 hit and imprisoned us in our home again. Stir crazy doesn’t even really begin to describe it.

  5. –>Best name I’ve heard for the snow so far is Snowtorious B.I.G.

    I hope you get out of the house soon!

  6. At least you can drink. BTW is that house next to you still for sale?

  7. Apryl's Antics says:

    My in-laws live in D.C. and are on a two-week CRUISE right now. They return on Sunday and I’m wonderin’ if they’ll be able to find their house when they get home.

    I would love an opportunity to go OUTSIDE my house and curse. I usually just do it inside. I don’t even need snow.

  8. @carabee I LOVE IT when people actually get my jokes.

  9. I think I’d lose my mind if my kids hadn’t gone to school all month. Though the benefit of going outside and getting away with cursing profusely might just be worth it.

  10. Dude, that’s one truly insane post-snowpocalyptic landscape.

  11. Well said. Everything in this post. Well fucking said.

  12. Do you think Gabe’s co-worker would swing by our house and pick up my husband? He’s not doing “cooped up” well.

  13. Just looking at those pictures is twisting my insides into a big ball of crazy.

  14. That so made me laugh out loud like the crazy woman I’ve begun. I’ve become a shrieking crazy woman who has to go walk up and down the street for the sake of everyone in the house! My husband and the spy across the street have become best buds bonding over the snow blower and Rush.

  15. Holy crap. That is a lot of snow.

  16. I live in NW Minnesota (a border town to North Dakota). The best thing about the snow here (and believe me, there’s not much good I can say about it) is what happened yesterday. Fog in the morning, sun in the afternoon turned all the trees a beautiful white, including the evergreens. Makes me wish I was a photographer that could capture what my eyes seen.

  17. I really and truly can NOT understand what that is like. I get “rained in” because even though I could perfectly well get in my car and drive somewhere, I don’t want to become damp walking to the garage.

  18. If it snows again next week, I’m planning to throw myself off the roof. You’re welcome to join me.

  19. Crazy, crazy…I can’t even imagine. Keep thinking it’s like wanting bedrest…to those of us who still have to get up and get our kids to school and our butts to work it seems sort of fun and cozy, but sure that feeling would only last about a day.

  20. I think I may have just cried for you.

    Also thinking that if they ever say the word blizzard here again, I will buy half of Costco. Or move back to California. 8 days inside? That scares me.

    Really hope you guys get out this weekend.

  21. Ah, yes. Looks like the midwest usually does.

  22. I know you probably hate it, but the snow there looks so beautiful to me! (of course I don’t have to live in it) We just had a snow storm here in Dallas last Thursday… It’s all melted now, I can’t believe I actually complained about it.

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