An Incomplete List of Things I Do Not Understand

1. Why a couple would share a facebook account

2. Lady Gaga

3. CalculusPicture 8

4. People who think Keanu Reeves is a good actor

5. What is going on in this picture

6. genital piercings

7. the lure of Scientology

8. Why anyone would want a snake for a pet

9. How my son can play Spyro every day and never get sick of it.


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  1. HA! Unfortunately, I can’t help ya, hon. I am just as lost as you are on those things. Well, except the calculus. There was a time… but if you’ve got problems to solve now you’re on your own 😉

  2. Um, yes. On all 10. Especially #1 – I have a friend from high school who shares a Facebook account with his wife. Which… why? Really? Is it THAT much trouble to have your own?

    Also, I love that your little Amazon ad links in your sidebar are now full of Keanu films. Awesome.

  3. lucky for you, i have the answer:

  4. I agree with you on every single one of those. #1 freaks me out, I never know who’s writing to me!

  5. Haha, freckletree- that may be one of the creepiest things ever that left me laughing hysterically.

  6. Excellent questions,all of them.

  7. Dear god, I can’t stop looking at that picture.

  8. Thank G-d someone else does not understand Lady Gaga.

  9. No help here. And I even have a couple of friends who share one E-MAIL ADDRESS. I don’t know if they think it would cost double or what.

  10. Speaking of things not understood, my sister and brother-in-law and I had an extended conversation about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s vejazzling at dinner this weekend. I am COMPLETELY amused in a pre-pubescent way by the word, but I don’t get why anyone would want to do that. Also, the JLH discussion led to my sister telling a story that culminated in her misunderstanding someone’s vagina euphemism as vajenga, which had us in fits thinking about a game in which you pulled little wooden pieces out of someone’s crotch. (crying, shaking fits of laughter, in a restaurant.)

  11. I don’t get the couple sharing a Facebook account either. My guess is that it’s one of three things.

    1) They are sickening and insecure and want to give off this “look how together we are” image. Gross.

    2) The dude has the Facebook page and his wife is one of those non-techy people so she relies on him to do everything and pass it on to her… or she’s a moron who demands he add her too so that women will know he’s married.

    3) The wife runs the FB account and the husband thinks it’s stupid and doesn’t want anything to do with it but she makes him a part of it anyway.

    Regardless, it’s stupid.

    Lagy Gaga, she makes perfect sense to me. She has a great voice and can sing like hell, but she’s ugly. She has a big nose and a weird mouth and looks like Blossom, only uglier. So she hides it and puts on these outrageous digs so that people just think she’s wild and out there and fashion forward. Which sucks but sort of ingenious on her part because if she just stood there in stretch pants and a t-shirt with her hair in a scrunchie, she’d not be where she is today. If you can’t go for hot, go for crazy. That’s show biz!

  12. I do NOT understand the shared facebook accounts. Its not hard to start your own and you don’t have to share everysingletinything with your spouse, Do you? Am I doing it wrong?

    As for the snow – No idea. Wondering the same thing here, but about the rain. It just will.not.stop. Great day to be a fish!

  13. It’s always embarrassing when my students talk to me about math and I have no idea what calculus really is. (I stopped at trig. It was safest for everyone.) I should probably get a basic idea.

    I can’t really even discuss the snake thing – and my favorite thing with the Facebook situation is when the names are strung together like it’s all one person. Which I guess it kind of is, at least in one person’s mind.

  14. I don’t even understand shared email addresses in this day and age. (My brother and SIL share one.) I mean, email accounts are FREE!

  15. I HATE the shared facebook account thing. A friend of mine recently got married and her new husband deleted his account and now they both use hers. I find it a little creepy.

    As for #6, I know a guy who has a prince Albert piercing and now when he pees it sprays everywhere. (Kind of like when you hold your thumb over the end of a hose.) He has to sit when he pees. Even worse than that, the hole is stretching out and he has to keep getting bigger and bigger bars put in so that they don’t fall out. Everything about it makes me question why anyone would do that.

  16. ha! i agree with all those things. except lady gaga. she fascinates me… in a sideshow sorta way.

    also, i do not understand the evolutionary function of earwigs. plus, they are gross and i hate them. wait, that might be for a different list.

    moving on…


  17. The Facebook sharing thing?! UGH. I have a friend that shares her FB account with her BF and her email account. She wants to know why I never email her and I tell her it’s because I want to tell HER things, not her AND her BF. It just…bugs me.

    Um, that photo? What. The. Hell?!

  18. #1 is the one most puzzling to me.

  19. Should I mention that there are flurries happening right now as I type this? Gah! Also, I lurve me some Lady Gaga.

    But the shared facebook page? I DON’T GET IT?! You are that uninteresting as one person that you need to have you both on there? As if I care that you just cleaned your playroom for the bazillionth time this week.

  20. Dying laughing. Well, on the inside. I’m listening to your Mom 2.0 Summit, so literally laughing out loud would be rude. Still. Funny stuff.

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