The Devil Wears a Green Sash

With three minutes to go in the third period of the Olympic gold medal men’s hockey game between Canada and the U.S.A. yesterday my doorbell rang.

The game was 2 – 1 Canada at the time and it was so exciting that my husband and I were actually both standing in front of the television.

When the door bell rang we just looked at each other and said pretty much in unison “You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

Who is soliciting door to door during the U.S.A./Canada hockey game?

I almost didn’t answer it, but we have a DVR so we paused the game and I went downstairs.

Through our sidelights I saw that it was Leanna, my seven-year-old neighbor. I stopped being angry right away because: 1) I like her. She’s pretty cute and what does a seven-year-old know about Olympic hockey?, 2) She was wearing a sombrero. It is really hard to be mad at somebody wearing a sombrero. and 3) She was holding a bag that was probably for me.

I opened the door and the bag WAS for me.

The bag contained four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Two boxes of Somoas and two boxes of Thin Mints.girl_scout_sash

I don’t know how closely you are following my life, but I am currently involved in two weight loss competitions, really three if you count the side bet that I made with my dad yesterday.

It was as if he was in cahoots with Leanna.

But my father scheming against me with neighborhood children isn’t my point. My point is that every year, just as I am figuring out how to diet and exercise properly a cute little girl comes to my door with cookies, delicious Girl Scout Cookies, and tries to sabotage my diet.

I’d like to propose that the girl scouts move their cookie deliveries to the fall when I tend to be on a Halloween to New Years Eve food bender anyway.

I’d also like to propose that anyone who rings my doorbell during an important sporting event wear a sombrero to lessen my wrath.


And while I’m making rash proposals to the world, can somebody make sure that Sidney Crosby stays in Canada. That guy pisses me off in the NHL and internationally.


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  1. Bury ’em in the freezer and set a reminder for October.

  2. wow – you answered the door during the game?! I am impressed. We don’t have pvr right now, so we NEVER would have.
    oh, and I think we’ll keep Sid the Kid!


  3. We have the same taste in GS cookies. I am avoiding their eyes as I scurry into grocery stores past them.

  4. I call them Somoans. I know it’s wrong, I just can’t stop.

    Eat them on your elliptical.

  5. I would have been just as mad if this happened to me. I was glued to that game. Joe Pavelski, on team USA, is from my hometown and our neighborhood was immersed in hockey everything.

    We are all quite sad over the loss.

  6. smartypants says:

    If she were really the devil, she would have been wearing THE hat, not a sombrero…

    Those cookies are why I am comfortable bragging about my days as a Brownie–what other organization has something that infamously good? Not the boy scouts with their popcorn…boh-ring! The looks on adults faces when we rang the door bell, order form in hand, and they were trying to show restraint is still etched in my memory.

    I’m just jealous because I don’t have a dealer/supplier (excuse me, girl scout) in my life.

  7. Crosby scoring that OT goal to win the gold was just a cruel, cruel twist of fate. I love Canada, but that is one player I just cannot support.

  8. Oh crap. It’s hard to say no to those Girl Scouts.

    Stick them in the freezer so they’re not right out in the open and enjoy in moderation. :-)

  9. As a GS alumnae, I feel morally obligated to buy six boxes (at least) every year. That’s why, when I saw the little cookie elves in front of church yesterday, I went in and prayed for my mortal soul and fat ass and walked back to my car cookie free.

  10. Oh my GOD what a game!!!

  11. I’m with Nancy. I was cheering for Canada, but I’m really sorry it was Crosby who made the game-winning goal. D’oh!

    As for GS cookies: I have three boxes in my office overhead. Also trying to lose inches. I’m going to use the freezer suggestion.

  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if your dad was responsible for the cookies as well as the timing.

  13. I am with Weight Watchers and that allows me to eat things I like in small portions. If you are able to ration and not eat the whole box, maybe you could do something like that too? I can never totally deny myself, I end up cracking after a while.

    Sidney Crosby is from my home province :) I was chuffed as hell to see him get the winning goal!

  14. I think any person who comes to the door — UPS, Fedex, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. — needs to wear a somrero. And a tiny one rather than a big one.

    Good call.

  15. I am definitely going to buy a sombrero just in case I ever need to knock on your door.

    Also, I thought I was going to skate through cookie season this year, but I was ambushed outside the grocery store today. Dang it!

  16. I would have sent her packing!!!!

  17. Damn scouts.

  18. The devil also comes to your door as you are getting out of your car at dinner with two kids, a sick dog and your pregnant self. She promises cookies in two weeks time and you cave and buy six freakin’ boxes.

    When you eat them two weeks later your pregnant self thinks they taste like bile. It’s awesome.

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