I Googled You

“I have to tell you” she said.

“I googled you and I found your blog.”

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If you want to know what stops my heart it is a mom in Ian’s class telling me that she read my blog.

I don’t keep it a secret. I am not anonymous. I am mostly pretty proud of my work here, but this was this morning and I happen to know I wrote a post this week about testicles and I only know this lady from kindergarten class parties. I have no idea what is coming next.

Fortunately it was ” I read your post about your underwear falling down at Tae Kwon Do. I was reading it at work and I was laughing so hard I was crying. I can completely relate.”

I got lucky. This particular mom is very cool and has a sense of humor.

Now two parents from Ian’s kindergarten class have approached me about my underpants issues. I am thrilled that they are reading me and like my work, but I have two concerns.

1) If you google my first and last name and, I don’t know, zip code, is the first thing that comes up The Saga of the Traveling Underpants?


2) Am I going to become known as the lady who had underwear problems at Tae Kwon Do?

I guess these are the risks that you run when you tell all of your most embarrassing stories to the internet.

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  1. smartaleck says:

    Sarah, you’re funny and we love you. Anyone who admits to googling you liked what you wrote.

    I think you’ll become known as the cool mom who got to ride (in) the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile…

    and if I’m guessing correctly, anyone who has more than 24 minutes of conversation with you, or conversation over a glass of wine, would probably hear these anecdotes anyway.

    Btw, your Tae Kwon Do instructor is now trying to get me to buy books on the topic from your amazon ads. He really is pushy!

  2. Oh, I know. If you google me by my “real” name, you’ll get some, ahem, interesting results. This was used “against” me when I was participating in an Episcopalian discussion group and one of the uber-conservative types was attempting to shut me up.

    Turns out women who discuss prostitution in the eighteenth century at national society meetings, don’t actually get all that embarrassed when you bring it up. Too bad for him.

  3. Did you ask her why she was Googling you in the first place?

  4. I don’t think you have to be worried about being known as the “lady” who left her underwear at Tae Kwon Do.

  5. This strikes fear in my heart. I’m not completely anonymous, but I’m not sending blog updates to my neighbors either. But I predict that Facebook will be my undoing.

  6. Same thing happened to me (well, I assume she googled me), and left me a lovely comment on the post where I’m bitching about our kids’ school.

    Here’s hoping she didn’t print out the post and pass it around.

    Though maybe I could use the readership boost. (heh).

  7. I somehow missed that story the first time around! My favorite part is when you point out that you don’t need special underwear because you’ll just be wearing them to kick people. I really miss my old Tae Kwon Do school, but not the near-constant opportunity for wardrobe malfunctions. Because let’s face it– dobok tops are not really female-friendly.

  8. I was in a job interview once and someone said, “Let’s talk about Snackiepoo”.

    I almost died.

    Right there.

  9. My Pastor found my blog a few months back. It wasn’t a pretty day, and I was all sorts of cranky and what I wrote (and since removed), was rather mortifying. That Sunday at church he actively sought me out to ask if i was feeling better about the “incident”. I nearly died on the spot.

  10. Well, yikes. Is your (whole) real name on here somewhere? I’ve always tried to avoid that when I blog. Of course, not good enough to stop a determined researcher, but I’d always thought that you could avoid the neighbors that way.

  11. You could be known for worse things.

  12. There are worse things to become known as. Also, it seems like an outstanding way to weed out the mothers around whom you don’t want to be spending any much time.

    If they dig the underpants story, they’re worth the effort.

    If they harumph in your face at the fact that you clearly have no business being a mother if you go around whipping off your underclothing in some random dojo, then they’re probably the kind of people who thrive on douchebaggery and are therefore not worth the effort.

  13. Too funny. And I hear you… I recently was “out-ed” at my daughter’s school … I wasn’t sure whether it was a good or bad thing but I figure either way, it’s my doing. :-)

  14. Dude. Who the hell can spell your last name?

  15. I wonder if I should start Googling the parents of all my friends now?

  16. I hear you. Last week I got an email from a coworker saying he and another coworker heard rumors that I have a blog and wanted to read it. I almost didn’t give him the address, but decided if it was good enough for strangers I could probably hack them reading it too. Then again, I rarely write about my underwear.

  17. Nothing freaks me out more than that. It’s one thing if I give up the info, but when it is someone I don’t know, it makes my heart drop in my chest. Especially when it is work people.

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