The Glamorous Life

Ian said “Mama, will you please come cuddle with me?”

And then he threw up all over the couch.

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  1. I hope you weren’t cuddling yet. I also hope he feels better soon.

    The other day I heard the words every mom fears: “Mooooommmm! Quinn just threw up on his Wii remote!”

  2. Yep. Sounds a lot like my life.

  3. I said “Freeze, FREEZE! Go outside and do that.”

  4. (I should probably indicate that I know he is five years old and I do not really want him to go outside, for those playing along at home. So I will, although it kind of kills my joke.:))

  5. Fun times. Not.

  6. Better the couch then you. Poor Ian.

  7. Oh, no!

  8. Better the couch than the mom.

  9. Poor Ian – I’d be screaming “not on me! Not on me!”

  10. Really takes you back to college.

  11. Oh – this happens to you, too? So sorry – for you…..and the couch. Hope Ian is feeling better soon!

  12. Ha! Happened to me too, except it was my bed. And I was half asleep.

  13. Oh poor kid. Is that from the strep? I hope they are both feeling better now and you don’t get sick. Or Gabe. Strep is the worst!

  14. oh my…my daughter threw up the other day and immediately afterwards, said “Damn!” I told my husband that he’s got to stop saying that around her!

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