They Just Keep Getting Weirder

The boy was admiring his new robot dragon pajamas in the full length mirror in my bedroom.

IAN: Where are his flappy wings?robot dragon

ME: I don’t know. It doesn’t look like he has any. This robot dragon appears to have arms instead.

IAN: All dragons have arms.

ME: I don’t think that is true.

IAN: Then how do they pick up their utensils?

Then he looks at me like I’m an idiot.

You know, we tried to give our children large vocabularies in order to give them a leg up but instead they just act bizarre.

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  1. Ohhhh how quickly they forget where they got those big vocabularies from – because, you know, surely it couldn’t be from YOU, moron. LOL

  2. That is clearly Mechagodzilla. Add that to his vocabulary. :)

  3. Your kids are awesome!

    Also, I think Ian is right. They all have arms. Some have wings AND arms.

  4. “Weird” or “creative”?
    Positive spin girl, here!

  5. Well how would they pick up their utensils? Seriously.

  6. i love that boy. he makes a mean point…

  7. That sounds like my house on a regular basis…I love it!!

  8. I have to side with Ian. Dragons are like T-Rexes, they have arms, they are just kind of puny. I think with those arms that dragon would need a really long fork.

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