Raising a Liberal in a Red State

The twins were playing with legos and the boy made his lego man a bad guy named Tom. Every time Tom came near Claudia’s lego girl the lego girl would say “Hello, Cutie!”

I asked Claudia if she was going to date bad guys.

She said “No. I only like to pretend to like bad guys. I won’t date them in real life. I will date boys.” Then she added “Unless I move into Washington D.C., then I will date girls because it is legal there.”

Raising an open minded child: check.

Next up: Nightmares about my daughter dating bad guys.


She just told me that if she was going to date a bad guy she would choose The Joker.

I really hope she moves to Washington D.C.

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  1. Oh My. That is wonderful!

  2. Tee hee. At least she has plans, right?

  3. Just as long as she doesn’t date someone who doesn’t open with a better line than “Hello, cutie!”

  4. Oh. My. Awesomeness.

  5. Aunt Chris says:

    I love that girl!

  6. twojams (Shannon) says:

    That is hilarious! Love it. From a fellow red-stater. (Same one, I think?)

  7. Man, I hope they don’t legalize cocaine in DC too, you’re really going to have trouble.

  8. Make sure to bring that up at her future wedding! (whether its to a man or woman…or The Joker)

  9. I hope it is a man or a woman. The Joker will be a little old for her.

    Plus the whole Super Villain thing… Batman would always be all up in their junk, messing with my Grandbabies.

  10. OMG, I am LOVING her!!

  11. So many kinds of awesome!

  12. your awesome parenting seems to be payin off. (fingers crossed!) and the girl child is pretty hilarious, i must say. excellent deduction skills :)

  13. hawt.

  14. I hope it won’t be bad girls.

  15. As someone who (still) has a Mr. Danger thing, I can sympathize.

    However, I did not marry Mr. Danger. I married John-Boy Walton. Go figure.

  16. Come on, you really don’t think she’d go the Heath Ledger route instead?

  17. I asked her.

    Then I showed her pictures. She chose Nicholson.

    There is no accounting for her tastes.

  18. Friggin. Hilarious!

  19. Michelle says:

    Friggin. Hilarious!

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