Randomness Part 131

scott-ian-poker-fingermeat_loaf_duetDid you know that Meat Loaf is Scott Ian’s father-in-law?

True story. Scott Ian from Anthrax is married to Pearl Aday, Meat Loaf’s daughter.

In related news, I can’t find a picture of these two together anywhere. How is it even possible that there aren’t any of Scott Ian’s wedding picture on the internet? Maybe I should try to friend him on Facebook.

* * *

There is magic all up in this bitch.

* * *

I was working on a rant about Tiki Barber leaving his wife (his 8 month pregnant with twins wife) leaving his wife for a 23 year old home-wrecking intern, when I found myself doing a google image search for “Tiki Barber Traci Lynn Johnson”.

The very last image hit on the first page caught my eye for two reasons.

1) That woman is not Traci Lynn Johnson.

2) I know for sure, because she is, in fact, my friend Kristen.

Not Traci Lynn Johnson at all

3) And I recognize that picture!

I assure you Kristen is no hussy intern,  no matter what Google Image Search says.

* * *

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  1. OK, that is insane that Kristen showed up in that! I mean, especially since they are attributing her as some homewrecking hussy. WHICH SHE IS NOT!

  2. That google search is hilariously wonderful!

  3. So Tiki Barber was in the Boom Boom Baby Room? Who WASN’T in that room, seriously?

  4. Oh also? I didn’t know Scott Ian was married to Meat Loaf’s daughter until I saw an awkward interview with them last month on That Metal Show.

  5. I absolutely knew who Scott Ian’s FIL was. Call me weird.

  6. Kristabella, I haven’t been a hussy since the ’90s. I mean… nevermind.

    But if we can even go there? Tiki is not even in the same league as Tiger and Jesse. That man is B-E-A-Utiful. Holy geez. Seriously. I need to take a moment now. Excuse me.

    Also, I have to bathe just looking at that picture of Meat Loaf.

  7. Please tell me you’ve heard “The Neden Game” by ICP. If not, youtube it and wear headphones. 😀

  8. Susie Sunshine says:

    My inner Lutheran radar kept warning me that Kristen was a trollop AND THANKS TO YOU, I NOW HAVE THE PROOF!

  9. omg that is so weird and awesome. for me. not for kristen so much. whodda thunk?!

    btw, titi barber is really fun to say with disgust/clenched jaw. stupid tiki.

  10. My favorite thing about any of this is that there is someone named Meat Loaf who actually resembles a meatloaf.

  11. How have I missed Draft Day Suit? How did I not know it was there?

    I also can’t believe I just admited that.

    Love it…

  12. Scott Ian and I were born on the exact same day. This was also the same day that Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir met for the first time (only a couple hundred yards from the place I was born). You’d think I could play guitar better after all that, but no.

  13. I remember that picture! I can’t believe that is what came up. I almost choked laughing at this post.

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