A Riddle for Which I Have No Answer

What is funnier than a young, tough looking man wearing big jeans and a hip hop t-shirt in a quiet library blasting his iPod so loudly that you can hear Phil Collins begging you to take a look at him now?

phil collins against all odds 225x300 A Riddle for Which I Have No Answer

I can’t think of anything either.

pixel A Riddle for Which I Have No Answer

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  1. Jenni says:

    Phil Collins with a mullet singing with his eyes closed comes pretty damn close.

  2. cindy w says:

    Dang, Jenni stole my answer. That is a seriously epic mullet. Actually, the mullet combined with his male-pattern baldness, it’s more like his hair is sliding backwards off his head. Awesome.

  3. shiny says:

    Actually, I always thought that the song was about his relationship with his hair.

    “But you coming back to me is against all odds…”

  4. Matt L says:

    Poor Phil, he’s embraced his male pattern baldness. The real question is why he’s making love to the microphone. You know Phil, the mic actually amplifies your voice from a distance. You don’t really have to swallow it. :)

    As to your original question, no. There is nothing funnier.

  5. leel says:

    did you hear any su-su-su-sussudio?


    i tried to think of something funnier, but nope, im empty.

  7. Kate says:

    I was at the grocery the other week and saw a Navy guy in his cammies jamming VERY loudly to Roxette’s Listen to Your Heart.

    I laughed.

  8. Carabee says:

    Honest to blog, I’ve always thought Phil Collins was kind of sexy. Don’t judge.

  9. Karl says:

    You should have seen my mullet in the 80′s. My Miami Vice wardrobe was phenomenal. Looking forward to talking with you on tonight’s show. :)

  10. Apryl's Antics says:

    Wow. I thought Michael Bolton was the first.

  11. This is FANTASTIC.

  12. Vicky says:

    I wish I could have witnessed this. I love moments like that. I can’t think of anything funnier either.

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