A Riddle for Which I Have No Answer

What is funnier than a young, tough looking man wearing big jeans and a hip hop t-shirt in a quiet library blasting his iPod so loudly that you can hear Phil Collins begging you to take a look at him now?


I can’t think of anything either.

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  1. Phil Collins with a mullet singing with his eyes closed comes pretty damn close.

  2. Dang, Jenni stole my answer. That is a seriously epic mullet. Actually, the mullet combined with his male-pattern baldness, it’s more like his hair is sliding backwards off his head. Awesome.

  3. Actually, I always thought that the song was about his relationship with his hair.

    “But you coming back to me is against all odds…”

  4. Poor Phil, he’s embraced his male pattern baldness. The real question is why he’s making love to the microphone. You know Phil, the mic actually amplifies your voice from a distance. You don’t really have to swallow it. :)

    As to your original question, no. There is nothing funnier.

  5. perfect.
    did you hear any su-su-su-sussudio?


    i tried to think of something funnier, but nope, im empty.

  7. I was at the grocery the other week and saw a Navy guy in his cammies jamming VERY loudly to Roxette’s Listen to Your Heart.

    I laughed.

  8. Honest to blog, I’ve always thought Phil Collins was kind of sexy. Don’t judge.

  9. You should have seen my mullet in the 80’s. My Miami Vice wardrobe was phenomenal. Looking forward to talking with you on tonight’s show. :)

  10. Apryl's Antics says:

    Wow. I thought Michael Bolton was the first.

  11. This is FANTASTIC.

  12. I wish I could have witnessed this. I love moments like that. I can’t think of anything funnier either.

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