My Work Here is Done

I was making coffee this morning when I overheard my five year old twins singing this little tune at the breakfast table.

Sepultura – 7 – Biotech Is Godzilla
Found at abmp3 search engine

I guess Death Metal Wednesdays are really paying off!


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  1. I caught one of my twins singing that new Lady Antebellum song. Where did I go wrong???

  2. Your Mother says:

    I just cannot tell you how very proud you have made this grandmother! Sigh.

  3. i’m scared.

  4. At least they can’t drive yet. Can they?

  5. Yay!!

    This totally made my day.

  6. smartaleck says:

    That would explain why the blue one can blow your head up just by staring you down–maybe HE is the most metal of all of you!!!

    And to reassure Your Mother, one day they will rebel against everything they were taught by their parents–by listening to Phil Collins…heehee…..

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  1. […] Each family member has their own reasons and as much as my friend White assures me that my cat Sid is more metal than me, I assert that I am the only one in this house who ditched the Homecoming dance in high school to go see Sepultura. […]