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My Spammers Are Kind of Perverted

If you guys don’t know we are going to have to invent one.

How do you describe your relationship when you are related because your siblings married each other? a) Sisters-in-law-in-law? b) Sisters-in-law once removed? c) Second sisters-in-law? d) Just let it go, Sarah. You guys aren’t really related. *

The One Where I Send You Away (but only for a second)

I don’t mean to brag, but I have assembled a team of the funniest freaking sports bloggers over at Draft Day Suit and I am as proud as I can be. Even if you don’t like sports, this site will crack you up. Please do yourself (and me) a favor and go check it out.

Why? Why would I ever be her friend on Facebook?

You know, sometimes you think you are beyond something. You may not think about it for months at a time. It doesn’t seem like something that bothers you anymore but then there is that name and all the anger boils back up to the surface. I used to hold crazy grudges. There was a time […]

7 Ways That Mommyblogging Has Changed My Life

1) I complimented my son on his cute belly and he told me not to write a blog post about it. 2) When I get a UPS or FedEx delivery the other kids in the neighborhood come over to see if it is a video game. 3) The other day I left a comment on […]

An Open Letter to Grace Slick

Dear Grace, I remember what the doormouse said, I just have no idea what to do with that information. Love, Sarah

The Anna Nicole Smith Underwear Yard Sale Now on eBay!

I think I am just going to start a series of posts that I write for MamaPop before realizing that someone else already covered the subject. In this particular case, since I spent an hour looking for pictures of Anna Nicole Smith’s underwear I can’t just hit delete. Please enjoy: Do you guys remember a […]

Mee May Mah Moh Moo

I haven’t done one of these in about three years, but Kim says that since I am always asking you guys questions it is only fair. 10 Questions From Kim: 1. What’s your favorite color? I have two: black and red. And don’t start with me that black isn’t a color – if you have […]

And I’m Having Trouble Getting it Back Together

She yelled “You always make me clean up my room and you get to do whatever you want!” And that is when I lost it.

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio 1942 – 2010

Ronnie James Dio lost his battle with cancer this morning. I first heard when Laurie sent me a text message. We were just talking about him yesterday when we had to explain “the goat” to my mom after Claudia kept doing this in pictures. That sucks. He was a legend. My thoughts are with his […]

Sarah Elsewhere

Why I am going to art school. Why I am offended by the iPhone commercial. A picture I took on a walk in my classy neighborhood. ————> Why the Cincinnati Bengals pissed me off. For $11.5 million, I will sell you two of my toes. Now I am off to prepare for a birthday party […]

Six Years Ago Today

Do you remember what you were doing six years ago today? I do. I remember what I was doing five years ago today too. Happy birthday Goon Squad. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you. I love you very, very much.