Questions for You: Totally Random Edition

Because it is a busy day, in a busy week, in a busy month and I’ve got nothing I will leave the content up to you.
1) If you have any pets what are their names?

2) Name one album I should listen to.

3) Name one movie you hated.

4) If you could change your name to something awesome, what would you pick?

5) If you could punch one celebrity in the face, who would you punch?

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  1. 1) Pets: Chika and Annie. (We named Chika, but Annie had her name when we got her.)

    2) Hmmm… I’ve been listening to the Beatles’ Abbey Road and remembering what a classic it is. Maybe that one?

    3)”The Black Hole” (late 1970s)

    4) I love the name Jocelyn. I am not sure why. Maybe that will be my next pseudonym.

    5) Carrot Top. Because he annoys me.

  2. 1. Three cats.
    Katie (the elder) she’s stripety and sweet. And at 19, she’s the Boss of the House.
    Chumba (the boy) Stripety and yaller, he’s my bed-head cat.
    Lucy (the adolescent) she’s calico, and the other cats hate her. Probably because she doesn’t have stripes.
    One fool dog, Jasper, whose best thing is that he doesn’t pee on the floor. Much.
    2. I absolutely SUCK at music recommendations. I’ve been listening to a lot of Mads Langer lately.
    3. The new Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. (Of course, I didn’t like the old one either – what’s up with trying to capture magic like that book on the big screen?)
    4. I have no idea. Satchmo! or Nubbly! Both fun to say.
    5.So many stars, so little time….

  3. 1) Trinity, Einstein & Newton – all cats. Also known at The Princes, Pet slut and The Pee’er.

    2) I have no idea. I don’t even know what the last full good album I’ve heard.

    3) Bruno

    4) Sophie

    5) Lindsay Lohan’s mom.

  4. 1 – Archie and Jace, our two dogs.

    2 – Matthew sweet “Girlfriend”

    3 – “Elizabethton” (THE worst movie ever)

    4 – September or Tuesday, ’cause I always wanted to be named after a month or day of the week.

    5 – Kate Gosselin. *FACEPUNCH*

  5. 1. No pets.

    2. Diana Krall – Live in Paris

    3. If I hate a movie, I turn it off, so I can’t say I have watched an entire movie I hated. One of my best friends from high school wrote and directed the movie Waiting, which I had to suffer through. Not only did I have to watch it, I read the screenplay before it was filmed. BAD.

    4. My name is as boring as it gets, Laura Case. For kicks, I would change my first name to Lower.

    5. Does Speidi count as one celebrity or two?

  6. 1. Cat – Priscilla Presley; at work, I have a fish, but he came with his name, Gypsy. I like to think it’s really Gypsy Rose Lee, and that he’s fine with his feminine side.

    2. I just bought the soundtrack for St. Elmo’s Fire. Don’t judge; I’m a sucker for Foster, and there’s a Jon Anderson solo that is fantastic.

    3. The Blair Witch Project. What a waste.

    4. I think I already did this. Unless, of course, you just count “Princess” as a translation…

    5. Jack Palance. His dentures make this smacking sound that makes me crazy. I mean, I respect him and everything, but I still want to knock those clackers right out.

  7. 1. Dogs – Rosie, Scruffy, Amy and Emily

    2. Mary Chapin Carpenter – “Come On Come On”

    3. 40 yeat Old Virgin what a waste of 2 hours

    4. Jack Ryan

    5. Paris Hilton

  8. 1. Two cats: Beaumont and Teenie.

    2. “Curiouser” by Kate Miller-Heidke.

    3. Forrest Gump.

    4. I have no idea. I’m kind of fine with my name.

    5. Spencer Pratt.

  9. 1) Dog – Jill. Soon to be renamed to something that indicates how old she is and how much she pees on my carpet.

    2) Lady Antebellum, Need You Now

    3) Strange Brew. shut up, it is NOT a classic.

    4) hmm….drawing a blank here.

    5) Jenny McCarthy maybe. Probably I could come up with quite a list.

  10. 1 – Dog named Rusty and a Turtle named Thornton. I kind of want a ferret, though.

    2 – OK Bartender by Richard Cheese – it’s really fun.

    3 – Napoleon Dynamite. Just pathetically slow and boring.

    4 – I would love a fun name, but am happy with mine as it harkens to my grandfather. I am searching for a kick ass nickname, though.

    5 – George Lopez. He is squandering an opportunity to bring light to Kidney disease and that’s a shame.

  11. 1. One magnificent feline called Tom (best cat ever)
    2. I’m not much good at this, but I guess I could probably recommend Cesaria Evora live at l’Olympia
    3. Dancer in the Dark – made me want to poke my own eyes out (I should have guessed, though, as I loathe Björk at the best of times)
    4. I’ve always liked flower names, so probably something hippy-chic like Daisy Poppy Sunflower
    5. Don’t know if you guys in the States have any idea who this one is, but in Britain (where I’m from, though I live in France and keep up with UK life) Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan is all over the news and I just can’t bear the woman…

  12. 1. Two cats: FlapJack (Flappy) and Mona. One dog: Maggie

    2. The Bloodhound Gang – Hooray for Boobies

    3. None spring to mind…

    4. Audrey

    5. Does George Bush count as a celebrity? If yes, I go with him. If no, then…. Every female pop and movie star under the age of 26.

  13. 1) Two labradork mixes, “Willow” (named by the eldest during the height of her Buffy the Vampire Slayer kick) and “Prancer” (rescue dog, and that’s the name she came with). Bearded dragon, “Basil.”

    2) “The Family Jewels,” Marina and the Diamonds.

    3) Pi.

    4) I’ve always been partial to the name Rhiannon.

    5) It would be shorter to list the celebrities I *don’t* want to punch. Ummm…let’s say Glenn Beck.

  14. 1. No pets. But I want to get a dog and name it Shepard.
    2. My go to album is always Pearl Jam’s Ten.
    3. Ugh…I don’t know. I had a love/hate relationship with Inglorious Basterds. The subtitles, OMG, the SUBTITLES!
    4. Oh man, I have NO idea.
    5. There are SO many, but I will echo what someone else said. Kate Gosselin. If I hear her say “I’m a struggling single mom” one more time…SERIOUSLY?!?!

  15. 1. Cassidy the dog, a.k.a. The Doodle; Izzy and Denali the cats; plus four soon to be acquired and named mice. What should I name my mouse?

    2. I don’t listen to anything more recent than Bob Dylan. It’s sad really.


    4.For a while in high school, I really wanted to be named Alexandra. Which would have been funny had I changed it, because I married an Alex.

    5. Jenny McCarthy. No question.

  16. 1. I have a cat named Avienda. She’s named after a character in a book my ex-boyfriend read. We also have three goldfish named Patrick, Gary, and Squidward.

    2. Sophie B. Hawkins, “Timbre.”

    3. “Howl’s Moving Castle.” No, no, no.

    4. Zelda Pinwheel.

    5. I would be happy to punch any of the celebrities mentioned in the face, but Ryan Seacrest is also ripe for a good blast to the jaw.

  17. 1) Nebo, Valentine, and Audrey

    2) Here Comes Science, by They Might Be Giants

    3) Judgement Day

    4) My name is already awesome

    5) Mel Gibson. That guy’s a douche.

  18. sueinithaca says:

    !. Jasper, Slash, Kenya, and Lucy, all cats. Lucy and Kenya came with their names. I now have a business partner named Lucy. DH named Jasper, I named Slash. Also about a dozen chickens, all named Pecky, except for the one named Gimpy.

    2. Moxie Fruvous, Wood. If only because I’d like someone to listen to it in better quality than I currently can. I think I taped it from another tape deck that was across the room or something. It’s terrible.

    3. Fight Club

    4. Fuck if I know. I am clearly not good at naming things. Since I seem to go with obvious character traits, perhaps Bitchy Smurf? That has certain cache, no?

    4. Barney. Well, no. I’d hate to punch the poor schlub in that costume. He might also be not a celebrity. John Gosselin. What a douche.

  19. I love “question time” with Sarah. It’s so much better than the other “question time” that happens in the House of Commons.

    1. Two Clumber spaniels, Penguin & Bubba. We are glad Bubba is still with us after nearly dying a few weeks ago.

    2. Elvis Costello – Imperial Bedroom (it’s my desert island album)

    3. All the movies that contain “Lord of the Rings” in their title.

    4. Beatrice. Seriously.

    5. That’s a long list. I refuse to acknowledge Lindsey Lohan did anything after making The Parent Trap so I’ll go with her.

  20. 1. No pets sadly. Too many allergies.
    2. Peter, Paul and Mary’s Greatest Hits. It’s food for the soul.
    3. Vantage Point. Oh my god, I hated that movie so much that it made me angry!
    4. I’m currently weaning off of pumping breast milk for my surrogate children and I’m a little … swollen. I’m telling people they can call me Chesty McLargeHuge. I think it’s awesome.
    5. Glenn Beck.

  21. 1) If you have any pets what are their names?

    Dogs: Daphnia and Sirius B (known as Bear)

    2) Name one album I should listen to.

    “Sleep Forever,” by The Big Sleep

    3) Name one movie you hated.

    “The Hurt Locker.” Could not watch to the end. Obviously I’m weird, because it’s a certified great movie.

    4) If you could change your name to something awesome, what would you pick?


    5) If you could punch one celebrity in the face, who would you punch?

    I was just fantasizing about punching Dick Cheney in the face last night. unfortunately he still has secret service protection. Or maybe not unfortunately, perhaps they’ll help!

  22. 1) 2 cats: Sage and Samson, 11 year old litter-mates.

    2) Give up the Ghost by Brandi Carlile. LOVE HER!

    3) Sleepers, because I hate anything that shows abuse of kids

    4) Indigo Ocean

    5) Sarah Palin… does she count as a celebrity?

  23. 1. Cats Oz (after Ozzie) and Scarlett (after, you know, Scarlett). Dog Sasha, who my brother nicknamed “BarkBark” for obvious reasons. I nicknamed her “Arsehole the Wonder Dog” for pretty much the same reason.

    2. Vertigo by Jesse Cook. Trust me.

    3. Titanic. Oh, and that M. Night Shamalamadingdong movie where everyobdy was afraid of the woods, never went in the woods, and yet everything in their village was made of WOOD.

    4. Heather.

    5. I can only punch ONE?? Roman Polanski.

  24. Regarding No. 3, Master and Commander, no matter what anyone says. It is SO full of suck.

    Regarding No. 5, perhaps an easier question for me to answer would be which celebrity do I NOT want to punch in the face.

  25. 1. Winnie, the miniature schnauzer.
    2. Alison Kraus, Now That I’ve Found You (the closest to Country I’ll get, but I love that album)
    3. Ecks vs. Sever. Holy hell. You think, it’s got a little something for everyone! Antonio Banderas for me, Lucy Liu and explosions for him. Nope. It’s AWFUL. Beyond awful. *shudder*
    4. Siobhan. Because my last name isn’t hard enough for people to spell.
    5. Sarah Palin

  26. 1. 3 cats- Kieran, Phoebe, Bijou. 1 dog- Scout

    2 Eric Clapton and BB King- Riding with the King

    3. Rocky Horror Picture Show

    4. I don’t know.

    5. Jenny McCarthy

  27. Meredith says:

    1) Tyler, Lily and Ripley, all cats. Dream dog names Sierra, Sorcha, Ranger and Archer.

    2) Pink, Funhouse

    3) Up

    4) Eden

    5) Will Ferrell

  28. smartaleck says:

    1) If you have any pets what are their names?

    2) Name one album I should listen to.
    Les Miserables broadway soundtrack
    (Fantine’s voice was phenomenal, and both versions of Master of the House are worth it). Now I need to find my copy…

    3) Name one movie you hated.
    Brazil (Mona’s face stretching out freaked me out)

    4) If you could change your name to something awesome, what would you pick?
    Kissah Miyass
    (not you!)

    5) If you could punch one celebrity in the face, who would you punch?
    Michael Lohan (but I would domino others behind him–one punch, several targets)

  29. We have a dog named Killian and a rate named Bella Blue.
    Nirvana’s Unplugged is a favorite of mine.
    I can’t stand The Chipmunks: The Squeakel. My kids love it and it drives me crazy.
    I like my name, so I wouldn’t change it. I think it’s pretty awesome!
    Not that I consider her a celebrity but I’d like to punch Sarah Palin in the face and/or Tiger Woods.

  30. rat named Bella Blue

  31. Rachel C says:

    1. No pets.

    2. The Glee album! I’m embarrassingly addicted to tht show…

    3. Babel. I actually walked out I hated it so much. I’ve never walked out on any other movie.

    4. When I was really little, like 3 or 4, I made my parents call me “Jane-jie Koweekah”. I couldn’t spell then, so that’s phonetic for you. I was a strange child. Maybe I’d change my name to that, just for fun (but first I’d have to figure out how to spell it better).

    5. Toby Keith. Right in his smug, bad-singing face.

  32. 1. My dog Goldie
    2. “A Feather on the Breath of God” featuring Emma Kirkby
    3. Friends with Money
    4. Marge Genovera
    5. Ann Coulter, with pleasure

  33. Happy Mother’s day!

  34. 1. No pets at the moment, but waiting for two kittens to wean.

    2. Do you listen to hip-hop at all? Either way “Labcabincalifornia” by The Pharcyde is excellent and overlooked. If you’re not interested in that genre at all try Titus Andronicus. I think both of their albums are mindblowingly fantastic.

    3. Hate is such a destructive sentiment, so I just avoid movies with Hugh Grant, which has worked well for me so far.

    4. Lord Reginald

    5. I’m a lover not a fighter, though if I did watch Hugh Grant movies, he might be a candidate.

  35. 1. Two cats: Potter and Gomez
    2. I’m eating up Doves-Kingdom of Rust right now.
    3. Ed Wood. I know it’s a critical favorite and there are those that say it was genius, but it is one of only a very few movies that made me want to gouge my eyes out.
    4. When I was a kid, I hated my name but now, I’m kind of okay with it. So, no changes. Weird, right?
    5. Since there’s a decidedly left-leaning bias to the responses, I’m going to throw out a right one, you know, to balance things out: Keith Olberman. That man, and I use the term loosely, makes my head hurt.

  36. 1) Ramsey (after Patrick, who was the Skins QB at the time)

    2) The new The Hold Steady album, “Heaven is Whenever.” Although their album “Boys and Girls in America” might be a better intro album if you aren’t familiar.

    3) Traffic.

    4) I always likes the names Sarah and Adrienne. Those are kind of boring though.

    5) So many options. Mostly Tucker Max, though, I guess, since apparently he has some semblance of celebrity now.

  37. 1. Eli and Sophie. Dogs. Collies. Awesome.
    2. Deadwing – Porcupine Tree
    3. Enrique Cocksmith Orgasmgiver
    4. Anaconda
    5. The chick with the eight kids. I’d punch her once on behalf of each of them.

  38. 1. No pets. I used to have a cat named Clarence (named because of the 1965 movie, Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion)

    2. I suck at music as I hardly listen to it anymore. Umm, anything by the Grapes of Wrath. Or, I know, the Glee soundtracks.

    3. I hated “The Mission” and “The 13th Warrior”.

    4. I would like to change my name to Piper. It’s just such a cool name.

    5. Jason Alexander. I couldn’t watch Seinfeld because I wanted to punch him so badly.

  39. 1) Herry and Grover

    2) The Wow Wow Wubzy Soundtrack – you’ll laugh, you’ll dance, you’ll think – wow, all these songs sound the same!

    3) FARGO – Worst. Movie. Ever.

    4) Hit Girl

    5) Obama

  40. 1. Not sure what it’s name is. I think it’s Fred. (We had three turtles, they all look the same, two died. Not sure which one is left.)

    2. Talking with Tax Man about Poetry, Billy Bragg

    3. Dazed and Confused.

    4. Not very fond of my name but I’m not sure I’ve seen a name I liked more.

    5. Celebrities I’d like to hit… hmmm… well… it’s a long long list. LONG.

  41. 1) A dog named Lilith. She’s an Australian Shepard.

    2) Oh heck if I know. I never know anyone’s name or song title or any of that.

    3) Meet the Fockers.

    4) I’ve always loved my name. When I was little I wanted to have my middle name. But it’s not exciting. Annie. Just always liked it.

    5) I’ve wanted to punch Toby Keith for years. Asshat. I’d punch Charlie Sheen for his kids if given the chance.

  42. 1) none

    2) no clue. i haven’t bought a new album in a long time

    3) she’s just not that into you

    4) lola belle, after my great grandma

    5) make love, not war

  43. 1. Cat- Miles Chai. This is what happens when you are a Denver Broncos fan and Jewish.

    2. The Soundtrack from the movie “Diner”

    3. The English Patient

    4. Eloise, like the little girl in The Plaza.

    5. Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson. Both are short, I think I could take em.

  44. 1) One dog – Tonks. Yes, from Harry Potter. We ARE that nerdy.

    2) “Mitch All Together” by Mitch Hedberg. Not music, but you didn’t specify. And I lose my shit every time I hear him talk about his oscillating fan.

    3) What’s the one with the deconstructed superheroes? Watchmen? I was totally not impressed.

    4) I’ve always wanted to be Jordan, until I realized that was a porn star name. So maybe Guy – which would be really confusing, since I’m a girl, but it was my grandfather’s name and I like it.

    5) Heidi Pratt (whose last name should really tell you all you need to know about her), because I’m pretty sure most of her body would disentigrate on contact. Easy win.

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