I Think I Am Starting to Enjoy Mowing

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  1. smartaleck says:

    Shhhh….how will I successfully build my case for never having to mow the future lawn if there is proof that women enjoy it?

    I’ll just be labeled a princess now….

    Hahahahahaha…..like that’s the first time that’s ever happened in my life….hahahaha…..

  2. A long, long time ago in a lifetime far, far away, I had a friend who was a farmer. In his estimation there were two kinds of people who enjoyed plowing the fields: the very stupid and the very smart. The very stupid had nothing to occupy their minds and could mindlessly ride the tractor all day. The very smart could entertain themselves all day with deep thinking and what-ifs. It was those in-between who couldn’t stand the boredom of back and forth, up and down the fields. This was Gary’s theory not mine, just saying.

  3. Urbanvox says:

    Aaahhh… The love/hate relationship with the mower!
    I used to love mine when I lived in NY. Was a 3 stroke tractor with huge blades on the bottom and I’d did curves like nothing in the world!!!
    Now not so much anymore…:)

  4. I have South Of Heaven on my running playlist and it really gets me going.

  5. I LOVE mowing my lawn. And my iPod is my buddy while I do it too. It takes me 2 hours to mow and a half hour to weed whack which SHOULD suck, but doesn’t. Like you, I like seeing the end result and knowing that it looks that way because of me. Plus, like you said, the workout, KILLER. I don’t know how your grass grows, but I have to do it 3+ times a week, so on the days I mow, I allow myself to skip a workout. But, yeah, when it hits 90 degrees, it sucks donkey balls.

  6. We move to a new house in 1 month and I will finally have a yard with grass again. Nothing beats the smell of cut grass in the morning.

  7. While I’ve never mowed a lawn I have to agree, my ipod has lots of hostility issues too. Hostility and funk. They balance each other out.

    I think we should hold a lawn mower painting party for you and put flames on yours just like that picture!

  8. when we lived on and acre & a half we’d fight over who mowed because we had a riding mower. holy shit, that was fun.

  9. It is called power mowing for a reason. That’s what this is all about, you know.

  10. We have a riding mower and it frequently is my stress relief during the summer. I get on the mower, put on the headphones, crank up the tunes and floor it around our acre and 3/4 lot. The lawn gets mowed and my children get to live to see another day.

    This summer, I have an opportunity to be able to surprise my husband with a freshly mowed lawn, except that so far, I haven’t been able to stay out of the hospital long enough to put my plan into action. Hopefully all the pieces will fall into place soon so that I can surprise Mike with a freshly mowed lawn. The staying the hell out of the hospital would be a nice thing, too. :)

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