This Might Be the Answer That You Have Been Searching For

“Mommy?” he said “Can you live without ever drinking chocolate milk?”

chocolate_milk“Sure,” I said “Lots of people probably never drink chocolate milk.”

“You can live without ever ever drinking a single drop of chocolate milk?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Claudia said you can’t live if you don’t drink chocolate milk.”

Then a little voice came from the other room.

“I said you could not live happily without drinking chocolate milk.”

She has a good point.

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  1. Your kids are so wise beyond their years…

  2. happily does makeallthe difference there. you are raising two old people. i am convinced. 😀

  3. A very true statement but for me it would be red wine and peanut butter. Though not together because: gross.

  4. Clearly you’re not up on recent pediatric advances. New studies reveal that if kids DON’T drink chocolate milk, they can get very, very sick. Something about contracting cacao-calcium scurvy. There was a whole article. By a doctor. In a magazine. I think it might have been Highlights.

  5. Mmmm. Chocolate milk. Made the mistake of introducing my son to it on his last birthday and it took weeks for him to stop asking for more.

  6. That’s the way I feel about beer. Who would want to live if there was no beer?

  7. Though if you once drank expired chocolate milk and couldn’t tell because you were pregnant and also stuffing your face with a doughnut, then you got really, really sick, you may not feel so happy about such a liquid.


  8. I love it! Mmmm, I love my chocolate milk! :)

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