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penis-on_a-crosswalk-signWhy I am going to art school.

Why I am offended by the iPhone commercial.

A picture I took on a walk in my classy neighborhood. ————>

Why the Cincinnati Bengals pissed me off.

For $11.5 million, I will sell you two of my toes.

Now I am off to prepare for a birthday party for two six year olds. If you are a person of faith, pray for me. If you are not, please send beer.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you; my best friend is prepping for a birthday party for her ONE 3 year old and is…a bit freaked out.

    And seriously? SERIOUSLY???? They asked him that? I am speechless.

  2. I’ll do both….pray and send beer.

  3. I’m not a person of faith but I am lazy so I’m going to pray that someone else sends you beer.

  4. I’m not a person of faith, and I don’t think I can send beer from France, but if it’s any consolation I prepared and hosted a birthday party for my 6 year old two weeks ago – AND SURVIVED. We planned to have it in a park, it rained all the week before but was OK on the day; she invited 20 KIDS but in the end there were only 15 and it was FINE. I did strawberries and cream, cake (three different ones, but essentially the same recipe) and sweets, I prepared little goody bags (a few sweets, a few marbles, a balloon and a plastic animal), everyone had a great time!
    You’ll be fine! (But good luck anyway!)

  5. My favorite people of faith pray AND send beer. Blue Moon, please.

  6. stephanie says:

    beer? is that really strong enough? how about some smooth tequila!?!?!

  7. It’s probably illegal for me to send you beer across state lines but can I interest you in this really cute little opener?

  8. do you like canadian beer? well, it’s the thuoght that counts right? *virtual cheers*


  9. You Pray, I’ll drink the beer. K?

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