Wait – NOW I Have Seen Everything

I know I’ve said this before, but really, this time I think it is safe to say that I have seen everything.

Man accused of stabbing a pig

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  1. Please don’t judge Minnesota by the fact that it’s always pig stabbers or Michele Bachmann that’s landing us in the news.

  2. Why are there degrees to burglary? You either took something that wasn’t yours or you didn’t. Period. It’s like saying he was guilty of third-degree swine knifing. No. If you knife a swine, that’s it. You’re a swine knifer. There are no levels. The law is not karate unless you’re Chuck Norris, in which case you are the law via your karate skillz.

  3. this is one of those times I utter ” I hate people.” out loud.

  4. Okay, I can see the ‘torture’, ‘cruelty to animals’ and ‘driving while intoxicated’ charges but the burglary…? What did he steal?

    And it’s one thing to have fantasies of teaching other drivers a lesson but another thing entirely to exact your revenge on farm animals. Oh, and in agreement with the above: I hate people.

  5. That’s a whole lot of anger. People are sad.

  6. Dude just wanted some bacon.

  7. I was MOST HORRIFIED when Alex, who works across the street from me, told me that one of her clients saw someone pick up a pigeon and stab it. Right on Michigan Avenue, in the middle of the day. Not a crazy-looking homeless person. Just a regular dude in business casual dress who snapped and picked up and stabbed a pigeon. HORROR.

  8. Stabbed a pigeon??? My first thought is why does he have a knife? My second thought is pigeons are dirty and why wo
    would he want to touch one?
    People are sick.

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