Label This: Sarah’s First World Problems

I know that what I am complaining about here is a problem that 99% of the population wishes they were fortunate enough to have. I know that I have a good life. I was born in a free country to parents that loved me and had the means to give me a good education. I had two healthy babies that I was able to stay home with because my husband has a good job. Now I am fortunate enough to work from home.

What I am trying to say is that if you have actual problems, you should stop reading this post right here.

I am not kidding. Stop reading right now because I am about to make you really mad. You will yell at me. You will resent me and you will wonder why I think I have a thing in the world to complain about. Don’t read on unless your life is perfect.

I am pissed off because my cleaning people walked into my house without knocking at 7:45 am.

7:45 am! Claudia was still asleep.

I was dressed but that was a fluke. Usually at 7:45 in the morning I am standing in the kitchen in my underwear packing lunches for the kids.

Let me address my problems with this separately:clock-07-45

1) They are supposed to show up around 10:00. I don’t expect them to be here at 10:00 am sharp, but keeping it to a window of 9:45 – 11:00 would be nice, or they can feel free to call me and say, “Hey, can we come at 3:00?” or “We’re running early, do you mind if we show up at 8:30?” But nope, they just walk right in at 7:45. For a while they weren’t coming until 2:00 which is annoying because I never knew when it was safe to take a shower, and I would second guess myself – oh crap, maybe it isn’t the third Friday,  but at least 2:00 is normal business hours. I am generally dressed at 2:00 and working. 7:45 is early! Don’t come to my house before 8:00AM unless I am expecting you or if there is some sort of emergency. That is very bad form.

2) Why don’t they knock? Yes, I gave them a key to my house but there are two cars in my driveway and it is 7:45 in the morning! They know I work from home, they know I have two children in elementary school. They are using neither their context clues nor their manners. Knock, ring the doorbell, call ahead, play Peter Gabriel really loud outside my window, but please don’t just walk into my house at 7:45AM. Those people are lucky I don’t own a gun. They scared the crap out of me.

The last time they walked in unannounced before 9:00 I thought it was the kids leaving and I started yelling at them. “Hey! Who opened the door? You don’t leave this house until I am downstairs!”

So anyway, I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent. Also, do any of you local people have good reliable cleaning people who are cheap and and show up when expected? I am in the market.

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  1. I too feel guilt when I rant about cleaning lady issues, but how am I supposed to not rant when she throws out $75 worth of itune gift cards.

  2. We did not give our cleaners a key for this specific reason. One time they showed up when I was still in bed and my husband was taking the kids to school (we both telecommute). Instead I leave a key for them if I will be gone when they get here.

  3. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Words cannot express my deep sympathy to you at this time.

  4. Megan (Hauber) has a good lady and shes cheap (I think anyway)… She usually shows up about the same time and always calls the day before if she needs to come very early/late. Let me know if you want her number- oh, which is the only problem- she doesn’t speak much english so call when her kids are home haha

  5. Ha ha…I can’t stop laughing at Lori’s comment. Yeah, my heart really goes out to you Sarah, stay strong in these most difficult of times :)

  6. Exactly the reason that I don’t have a cleaning person. I get snippy when the gardeners enter the yard too early on a Saturday (when I’m sleeping in!) I would die if it was my house!

  7. Did you tell them to please knock and come on time? Should I ask you that later?

  8. Glad I’m not the only one to bitch about her cleaning ladies. :-)

    Mine are also supposed to come at 10. Sometimes they show up at 12:30, when I’m putting my kids down for nap. And every time, they act all shocked that I tell them they can’t come in.

    Also? There are two pillows on the bed that are bigger than the rest. There are two pillowCASES that are bigger than the rest. You wouldn’t think this would be a complicated matching game, but I swear to god, every two weeks for the last 2.5 years…

    Total first world problems. But stupidly annoying, just the same.

  9. We use The Maids company (with the annoying bright yellow vehicles). Perhaps not the cheapest option, but very reliable, and can accommodate scheduling changes if we give a few days notice.

  10. Hey, I think it’s a legitimate gripe! I’d probably call the owner/person who runs them/boss lady/whatever and bitch about it. It’s just rude! I hate calling the maintenance people where we live because I know they always show up super early in the morning or 12 seconds after I get in the shower. (Super early in the morning to me is before 10 am, though…)

  11. Dude, I get UP at 7:45. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  12. Oh my two favorite words in the whole English language…cleaning lady! That is my dream. I think I might forgive them because they clean the toilets so I don’t have to….well maybe not!

  13. Yes. Email me and I’ll send you her phone number. She’s ridiculously nice, great with the kids and flexible.

    She also arrives when expected, unlike our babysitter, who forced me to hide behind the refrigerator door one morning until Mama could help me out. Hey, it’s cold in the fridge!

  14. Sorry. Walking in on people unexpectedly is the best part of my day.

  15. Problems of good fortune. Fortunately almost all my problems fall into that category. But it doesn’t stop me from complaining about them. There’s got to be a solution because I could not LIVE without my cleaning lady.

  16. Oh, the humanity!

    I was so on the edge of my seat to find out what the problem was. Against your advice, I kept reading to find out. I gotta tell you, I agree with you. I would be really annoyed.

  17. Maybe their punishment should be having to stand in your kitchen in their underwear and pack lunches for your kids.

    Hmmm. On second though, maybe not.

  18. I don’t really have any suggestions. Our last cleaning lady stole $5000 worth of jewelry from me (not to mention about 50 other people she robbed) and is now serving 5 years in prison. NOT KIDDING.

  19. smart aleck says:

    I get it…it’s paying people to do the pop-in visit, which is one of the most annoying practices in the First World.

    My home is my sanctuary…call first!!!

    Then again, maybe they were just jealous that the Tae Kwon Do teacher got two (three?) blog mentions and they haven’t gotten any?
    Do they hail from the Madonna school of “any publicity is good publicity”?

  20. There is a reason the work as cleaning ladies. There are some exceptions, but most are not that smart. That would explain the lack of understanding context clues.

    Since my mom owns a cleaning company, they do my bathrooms & floors. Last week one of them called my cell phone to tell me my bedroom door was locked & she didn’t know what to do. I started to freak out because the door has a key lock & I don’t have a key. She decided to try again. Turns out she just couldn’t open the door.

  21. Yeah I have problems. Big Ol’ serious type problems and I kept reading. Now I’m cranky – at your cleaning ladies!!

    What on earth gives them the right to show up to your home hours early and without the courteousy knock? I wish I could afford a cleaner – but even though I can’t I do hope you find a better company. This one is appalling!

  22. That was awesome. I think it’s totally legit to complain about persons performing a paid service. It just feels weird when they’re fellow women that do something in your house that you also do yourself. I get it.

    And I also really loved Lori’s and others comments. A riot.

  23. I’m mostly jealous of Claudia for still being asleep at 7:45 a.m. Oh I wish to sleep til 7:45 a.m.

    I also dream of a cleaning lady but I remind myself it’s only cause I’m too lazy to clean up after my damn self.(disclaimer: I am single, childless, in a 600 square foot 1-br apartment. so I’m just lazy. I don’t begrudge busy people their cleaning ladies!)

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