Questions For You: Blogs

blog) What was the first blog you ever read on a regular basis?

2) What is a blog you read every day, without fail?

3) Who was the first blogger you met in person? Someone you wouldn’t have know if it weren’t for their blog.

4) If you had to be another blogger for Halloween, who would you go as? And what would you wear?

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  1. 1. My friend Margaret’s blog ( — she’s the one that got me turned on to blogging.

    2. I read the Tumblr blog of some girl I don’t know, have never met and have never messaged in any way. I just find her highly entertaining.

    3. That would be Erin!

    4. I cannot fucking stand Halloween. Therefore I would boycott as I do every year.

  2. 1) Dad Gone Mad

    2) Amalah

    3) Bossy

    4) Hmmm. I’ve not really thought about what bloggers wear unless they happen to mention something they think is silly or sloppy or cool. I’d love to be inside Amalah’s or Bossy’s or Julia’s (Here be Hippogriffs) heads for a day. They are all sweet geniuses.

  3. Can I answer you for everyone? Although, #3 might not count since I already knew you.

  4. 1) Jennsylvania. Found her blog through her first book.

    2) Amalah.

    3)Hmmm, I think it was a Chicago blogger named Marianne who very rarely blogs anymore. We had dinner and I was SO nervous!

    4)I hate Halloween. Could I go as Maggie Mason and wear a bunch of non-matching, ugly clothes?

  5. 1.
    3. I have never met another blogger in real life. That’s sad.
    4. I won’t say who I would dress up as but I will say that if I were to dress as this person my costume would consist of me drenching myself in high fructose corn syrup. Three reasons: 1. This person is over the top sweet but it’s totally fake. 2. They’re in EVERYTHING and you cannot get away from them. 3. I try to avoid them as much as possible,

  6. 1. Cynical Dad
    2. Miss Britt
    3. Rebecca Wolff from Girl’s Gone Child and Sarah from Whoorl.
    4. Avitable. I’d go naked and slightly hairy.

  7. 1) Quite possibly Rude Cactus, but I’m not sure 100%.
    2) Whatever’s at the top of the feed reader, usually 😛
    3) I’d like to go as the Bloggess, because a) she’s awesome and b) I totally want a red dress 😉

  8. 1) F**k U, Penguin, the site that provides surly captions for cute fluffy animal photos. That blog made me snort soda or coffee each time I visited. I think it’s been abandoned, though, since the writer, yes, published a book of the best posts.

    2) I go to DadCentric almost every day — several dads with blogs post their best stuff there.

    3) Never met a blogger in person, whom I didn’t already know. It’s probably my breath.

    4) Heh. I assume dressing as a blogger would mean attaching a laptop to my stomach, holding cups of coffee in each hand, and building a Starbuck’s around me, with my legs sticking out the bottom. Or would I just be dressing as myself if I did that?

  9. 1) Leah (A Girl & a Boy) Sarah (Whoorl) and Brenda (Secret Agent Josephine)

    2) Those three, plus Kerri (, Danny (Dad Gone Mad) Ali (,, Linda (Sundry), Kristin (Better Now)…gosh. I could go on forever (Hooray for Reader!)

    3) Leah – stayed at their house in SF before BlogHer.

    4) Jenny the bloggess – think of the wigs!

  10. 1. The first blog I ever read was The second can now be found at – the adventures of Odin, a baby born many months before his due date (and who is now a thriving, hockey playing very nearly 6 year old. I was pregnant with my first child when I started reading them.

    2. There are a few. Too many. Besides your’s, (my parenting oracle)

    3. kdiddy, except I didn’t know she was a blogger when I met her. It would be years before I found her blog and put the two together. I met a bunch of Pittsburgh mom bloggers all on one night, because we are/were all bloggers.

    4. Kristen Chase. I would wear stilts, a wig, and many, many, many layers of spanx.

  11. ) What was the first blog you ever read on a regular basis?

    Wendy at, Erin at and Tracey at

    2) What is a blog you read every day, without fail?

    Yours if you update and Mamapop from way before I wrote for it. I am a terrible blog citizen at this point.

    3) Who was the first blogger you met in person? Someone you wouldn’t have know if it weren’t for their blog.

    a. All of the people I met at the first CE dinner in San Jose. All a blur.

    b. You (I must miss you today. Good Lord. Pitiful.)

    4) If you had to be another blogger for Halloween, who would you go as? And what would you wear?

    Deb on the Rocks. I don’t know what I’d wear but I would just pretend to be a lot fucking smarter and a much better writer. I suppose I could be Perez Hilton if I wore a Smurf wig and a tacky suit..

  12. 1. Romenesko on journalism
    2. Flurrious is the one I get most excited to see in my feed reader
    3. I think it was Mir
    4. Jenny the Bloggess because I think I could rock the confidence wig

  13. 1) Notes from the Trenches. I found Chris from an article of hers that was published in Good Housekeeping.
    2)Mom to the Screaming Masses
    3)I met Y just before BlogHer 08 so I would know someone in SF.
    4)I have no idea. Some of the other answers are good though. However, I do want to know who Jen is talking about!

  14. 1. The first blog I read was Amalah.

    2. Do bloggers post every day, without fail? I read Best Week Ever every day. It’s a good companion to my Us Weekly subscription.

    3. I met a blogging friend Beth who I met through Babycenter but got to know through blogging. Since then, I’ve met at least 20 bloggers. All small time people.

    4. How about if I dress me and my kids in karate uniforms and then I will wear a white thong that is too big for me and then we can run around and trick or treat in front of all my neighbors? HA!

  15. (please forgive grammatical errors in my comment, I’m on day four inside with my grandmother-in-law and four year old twin boys. Hiding and desperately seeking blogs for entertainment.)

  16. 1. The author Neil Gaiman’s blog.
    2. It varies. No one posts every day anymore.
    3.-I met Sue an Charlotte’s excellent adventure, Mainline Mom and Sharkey Malarkey
    4. tough question. I would have to think about it.

  17. 1) Daily Kos
    2) The Un Mom and Suburban Matron, though they only post a few times a week.
    3) You know, I don’t think I’ve ever met a blogger that I didn’t already know in real life.
    4. Maybe I would be you in your judo outfit.

  18. 1) If we exclude my blog/journal roots back on Livejournal, the first blog I read regularly was Amalah. If we count livejournal, then the first blog I read was that of my friend Jen, who is HILARIOUS, but no longer blogs. Sadface.

    2) I don’t read any blogs that post every day, but the blog that makes me the most excited when I see a new entry in my reader is probably Mimismartypants (

    3) Again, if we count the land-of-Livejournal, the first person I met IRL who started as a blog friend would be T, who I later went and married. (Awww!) If we ignore livejournal, then the first blogger I met was Amalah at Blogher last year when I offered on Twitter to babysit Ezra and she actually let me. I’ve met many more since then, both at Blogher and in Chicago.

    4) I have no idea. I’m much cooler online than in person, so I would pick a very introverted blogger and hide in the other room, communicating with everyone else only via Twitter. /cop-out

  19. 1. if we count journals on then Tending Violet by Joyce Slaton. If not, then Amalah.

    2. Amalah, Inverse Candlelight, Sprite’s Keeper, Sweetney, you, Jodifur, She Likes Purple, My tornado alley, The Unmom, MamaPop,My own brand of crazy and Vodkamom. Or, I check everyday for updates. And yes, I do occasionally work.

    3. Haven’t met anyone yet – still pretty new. Plus: shy.

    4. Not sure since: haven’t met anyone yet. Though maybe Amalah as her style seems to be completely different than mine….

  20. 1. I don’t think I knew what a blog was until I kept hearing my wife giggle while reading June Cleaver After a Six Pack. That became the first blog I read on a regular basis.

    2. What blog do I read every day? Hard to say. I monitor so many blogs in my Google Reader, and most of them don’t post EVERY day. I will quickly scan several and skip over them if they don’t interest me. The ones that I guarantee I will read if there is a new post:
    – Sarah and the Goon Squad (duh)
    Somewhere on the Masthead

    3. First blogger I met in person: FastNav.

    4. Who would I dress up as for Halloween and what would I wear? Scrolling through my blog roll, the only one that comes to mind is Matt. I’d wear a t-shirt and shorts and have someone with a camera filming me do goofy dances everywhere I went.

  21. 1. Amalah? I think. Maybe.


    3. I’ve never met another blogger (that I didn’t already know because I’m related to them) in person. But I have had dreams about other bloggers (that I don’t know yet).

    4. I don’t know that I’d dress up like anyone in particular.

  22. 1 – Dooce

    2 – The Dainty Squid

    3 – Never met a fellow blogger, but I hope to one day if ever I can get my ass to a conference!

    4 – Probably Angie from A Whole Lot of Nothing. LOVE THAT GIRL!

  23. 1. MOM-101.

    2. I was going to go with The Women’s Colony, but they just ceased operations this week, much to my dismay. So I’ll go with you, since I check in here pretty regularly. Does following people on Twitter count?

    3. I have not met any other blogger in person. I almost went to the Boston-area meet-up last year, but I chickened out.

    4. Does Sarah Palin have a blog? People keep telling me I look like her. And they seem to think I should take it as a compliment.

  24. 1) um, @goonsquadsarah
    2) @goonsquadsarah
    3) @trippinmama
    4) I’m guessing I’d have to go as @trippinmama because I haven’t ‘met’ any other bloggers (yet)! – tho it would be hard to come up with a triple stroller, 3 cutesy boys, and an Amelia to hang with me

  25. ) Probably Mynx (Jennifer Bailey) – after she retired from writing the hilarious “Dear Mynx” sex column for Planet Quake, she referred her readers to her blog. Blog? Wazzat? From there she pointed me to Wil Wheaton Dot Net, and the rest was hyperlinks.

    2)Fussy. Mrs. Kennedy is local.

    3) Um, nobody! Yet. Hmm.

    4) I’d go as Wil Wheaton, and I’d wear my Starfleet uniform. Duh.

  26. 1) Sweet Juniper (my husband started reading it to me)

    2) Magpie Musing and Heathen Family Revival

    3) Debbie of i obsess

    4) (not the blogger, but her daughter) I’d go as Violet, HFR’s Kelly’s daughter. She is 5 and into fairy wings, petticoats and lots of color, so the outfit would be awesome.

  27. 1. I have no idea. I used to drink a lot during the day back then. (kidding)

    2. My wife’s. I tend not to have time to read any other blogs except this morning which is something of a rare treat.

    3. You, I think!

    4. I have no idea. I don’t get out much these days.

  28. 1. Pink is the New Blog, which, btw, is a site that now makes my eyes bleed and my stomach do weird flippy-floppy-gonna-puke things.

    2. That’s Church

    3. Jen from Rant’s and Raves

    4. Nobody. As amazing as the blog world is and as much as I lurve it, very few (any?) costumes would be recognizable enough to be worth the effort.

  29. 1. It’s a tie between MetroDad and Childsplayx2. In fact it’s their fault that I started rambling on the internet in the first place.

    2. MarinkaNYC. She’s a great freaking writer. She never fails to crack me up. Also Anymommy. They are also two people I am thrilled to call my real friends.

    3. Well the first person I met was Amy from Piece of Work. But she stopped blogging years ago. Without blogging and twitter I wouldn’t have met my two best friends. One of whom is Childsplayx2’s sister in law. So? I will always get to give him a hard time. Oh wait, was there a question in there? 😉

    4. Heck if I know. I’ve never been into Halloween. Can I just have Ree’s life for a day?

  30. 1. I think it was MaryP at Or Childsplayx2.

    2. I read Heather’s posts at every day. I try to clean out my reader most days, so I read many others as well.

    3. Ann at

    4. No clue. Don’t do Halloween. This question requires too much thinking.

  31. ) Jennsylvania, found it off her first book.

    2) Motherhood Uncensored and then you. Yes, really.

    3) Kim Moldofsky from Hormone Colored Day and Elizabeth Edwards from Table for Five

    4) The Bloggess because I could wear a silly wig and whatever else I wanted and no one would be the wiser.

  32. 1. Tomato Nation (not exactly a personal blog). Next Amalah.

    2. Amalah. I followed her through her (and my) pregnancies. I loved that I was not the only one who loved the fact that I WAS pregnant, but hated BEING pregnant.

    3. Wow, I’m sounding like a stalker now… also Amalah. But only because she lives nearby, and was doing a book signing.

    4. Zoot. She’s fun; I could wear a curly wig and tie-dye shirt, camera around my neck and paintbrushes in my hand.

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