Wow. EVERYBODY is on LinkedIn

Felix Mendelssohn

Damn. Felix Mendelssohn is out of my network.

Seriously people, can I get an introduction around here?

Mendelssohn on LinkedIn

You know who else is on LinkedIn? Bach, Beethoven, Mozart… I don’t mean to be crass, but I was under the impression that you had to be alive to have a profile. I guess I was mistaken.

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  1. Apparently you’re not truly hooked up until you’re LinkedIn with Jesus. According to his career profile, his experience includes Carpentry and Saving the Universe, and he’s interested in freelance consulting.

    Unsurprisingly, Jesus Christ and I share no friends in common.

  2. So now I’m not cool on linked in, either? It’s like the internet popularity contest has no end!

  3. I wonder if that’s where Jimmy Hoffa is too?

  4. OH…that is funny. I have a linkedin but only have neices and nephews who under 25 as friends. I never would have thought to look for dead people.

  5. HA! love it!

  6. Interesting, I always considered LinkedIn the place for business networking, which is the only reason I’m on it. I figured it can’t hurt to have contacts. I guess I hadn’t even considered fake profiles…that brings LinkedIn down a few notches on my important and useful scale.

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