I Can Stress Out About Nearly Anything

Now that I sell swag for a living I am stressing out about having the coolest stuff to give away this year at BlogHer.

Yes, I realize that is completely ridiculous and normal people have real problems.

Of course I still have about 200 Draft Day Suit key chain bottle openers with the URL spelled wrong from last year.

See why I needed to do my own?

My question to you is should I stick with the beer theme or should I move on?

Sarah and the Goon Squad keychain bottle opener

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  1. I love that keychain/bottle opener. I have it with me at all times and use it often!

  2. You sell swag for a living? I must’ve missed that somehow.

  3. You’re on top of things. I barely have my shit together enough to order new cards.

    I think you can’t go wrong with beer stuff, mostly because I like to keep a bottle opener on me at all times. Draft Day Suit coozies could be pretty epic.

  4. Two words: Condom Coozie.


  5. For DDS, why not give away these, if you’re stressing: http://www.officeplayground.com/Basketball-Stress-Ball-P41.aspx

  6. There’s always a reason to stick with beer. Or hard cider. (Which also requires an opener.)

  7. Oh, I love the beer opener key chain.

  8. I keep mine in the car for emergencies…

    I say stick with the beer/alcohol theme. We parents of twins need it.

  9. If we’re voting, and if we’re the boss of you… more beer theme.

  10. Dude, I’m finding you and getting swag in NY :-)

  11. I want a coozie. Also a corkscrew.

  12. Move on? Seriously? To WHAT? Ballet shoes?

    Good god. All I want to know is: do I have to beg for a Sarah key, or may I just please have one without begging?

    (I’ll be happy to trade sloppy kisses for a key.)

    (Or money.)

    (Whatever is required.)

  13. I say dice or cards, something to play games while drinking beer. It would be appropriate for you since you are the only one I knew that always had a bottle opener, dice and cards with them at all times!

  14. I still have my goon squad opener. I think you can’t go too far wrong with a booze theme. At least not among your readers.

  15. Can you get me some Red Stapler soccer balls? Not Jabulanis, plz.

  16. Fuck. New cards. Bleah. I need to get on this shit.

    I’m cranky today, can you tell?

  17. stick with it… and save one for me b/c i’m not coming to NYC until sunday. kthx.

  18. What? Why don’t I have a fancy Sarah and the Goon Squad key chain? That is awesome. And I don’t think you could top the beer opener. Unless it came with beer?

    Have to say it’s been a minute, but everytime I visit your blog I laugh. I absolutly LOVED the kids lazering off mom’s head. Thank you.


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