So About This New Job…

In my life long quest to make everything I like to do all part of the same thing, look what I made for my friend Kim for BlogHer.

ClumberKim Coffee Sleeve

Cool, huh?

If you find her at BlogHer she will probably grace you with one – assuming you use your manners.

It was my very first order in my new line of business. I am very proud.

Of course, my second order was me stepping up one level.

Sarah and the Goon Squad Corkscrews


I know. Now I can drink wine when I travel too!

Fear not. I still have plenty of beer openers left over if you are in need. I will have those too.

I can also sell not beverage related items, I just haven’t had a reason to do so yet.

Wait until you see what I got for Draft Day Suit.

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  1. Hmm, I might have to check luggage after all. That thing looks like a weapon and I can’t risk having it taken from me at security.

  2. The coffee cup coozie thing (what the heck would that be called?) is SUPER cool, I love it! I never would have thought such a thing would exist for custom printing. Neat!

  3. Love the coffee cup!!! Ooh, you’re going to be such a success.

    Any ideas on what you might use to promote novels? (I’m an author.) Bookmarks maybe? Anything else you can think of? The promotion/publicity budget at Random House has really gone downhill recently, due to the economy, so I’m going to have to work on my own publicity for the first time. Email me if you want to discuss…

  4. I’m thinking….oven mitts!

  5. Your Mother says:

    Your first sale, I’m so proud! (Can I get a corkscrew too – not all my wine is screw top.)

  6. Tease.

  7. As the BlogHer goon for both ClumberKim & Draft Day Suit, I would love to get some of their swag. Alas, I won’t be at BlogHer 10 because of my stupid health issues and stupid hospitalizations using up my vacation funds. Stupid liver. :) I love the corkscrews!!

  8. LUV my new bottle opener!

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