Shopping for Sparklecorn

I’ve been shopping for the MamaPop Sparklecorn party at BlogHer this year.

Now I just have one question.

What goes with these shoes?

Iron Fist Skull Heels

(thanks to Flutter for leading me to the website where I bought these)

ps – These shoes are 100% vegan. Weird, huh.

pps – I hope I can walk in them.

ppps – I am going to be, like, seven feet tall.

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  1. What DOESN’T go with those shoes?

    I hope you’re wearing them now.

  2. You are going to be so very tall I probably won’t be able to hand you drinks.

  3. I love that you bought the shoes before the dress!

  4. Yes, it’s true, EVERYTHING goes with these shoes. They are so many kinds of awesome.

  5. My entire wardrobe goes with those shoes… *Ahem* I mean, Your entire wardrobe. And if not, those shoes are fantabulous enough to build an entire wardrobe around….
    Now, off to go shoe shopping.

  6. OMG – where did you get those?? I want a pair!

  7. Those shoes are double complete rainbow awesome.

  8. OMG HOTTT. Also, these go with everything! Jeans, black dress or pants, & of course other metallic pieces. Jealous!

  9. Whoa. There’s is going to be some major shoe envy up in that party.

  10. tattoos

  11. If it were me…a cast. I would kill myself in those heels.

    The shoes are awesome by the way!

  12. @Clumberkim

    I’ll limbo for drinks.

    It won’t be pretty.

  13. I’d say go with a black dress, it’ll make the shoes pop.

    Would it be weird if I bought a pair too…?

  14. Those are totally hot shoes!

  15. I so wish I was going so I could see you in those shoes.

  16. And they’re a guilt-free snack!

  17. What goes with those shoes? A tattoo and some ass-kicking stiletto ninja skills. Nice!

  18. I’ve already got the ninja skills, now I just need the tattoo.

  19. Where did you get them? I need a pair. Are they even slightly comfotable? If they weren’t so high, I’d where them to work.

  20. Those shoes are freaking wicked. I’d kill myself. But I wish you the best of luck.

  21. Dara Lee says:

    My girlfriend got married in those this past weekend! They were awesome!

  22. Jeanette says:

    Damn, I need those. Where did you find them?

  23. Those shoes are HAWT…and I will know it’s you when I see them at Sparklecorn :)

  24. OMG! Wicked shoes!! Yes, little black dress, sounds perfect. LOVE the shoes…


  25. Jacquline Kosanovic says:

    Life’s a tough proposition, and the first hundred years are the hardest.–Wilson Mizner (1876–1933), U.S. dramatist/wit

  26. please please please tell me where you got those!! my best friend NEEDS them for Christmas so I can vicariously wear them through her. The highest heal I can wear is a skater shoe, and even then I break bones!

  27. Girl, you best be hooking me up with the website for those shoes. OMG OMG OMG!

  28. HAWT!

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