Why I Am Mad at Miley Cyrus Today

First of all, I was forced to watch her stupid movie “The Last Song” on the way home from San Francisco.Miley-Cyrus_kissing_last_song-Liam-hemserth

Second of all, her dumb movie made me cry on the airplane.


And I was sitting next to a 14 year old boy who probably thinks I am the biggest loser that ever lived.





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  1. It makes me cry that Miley made you cry.

  2. I haven’t seen The Last Song yet. My dad went to see it with my mom and got SO mad once he found out it was a “Hannah Montana” movie aka has the girl who plays HM. LOL!

  3. smart aleck says:

    Miley doesn’t have the power to make you cry–it was that dang Nicholas Sparks. His books have made me bawl, so I’m sure his screenplay is what did it to you.

    I forgave him for making me cry when I met him in person and he was dreamy…plus he changed his flight so he could hang around his book signing for an extra hour so everyone could get an autograph (yes, I know it was really about more books sold, more money in his pocket, but he could have been an ass and left anyway).

    And that 14 year old boy? Unless your name is Mary Kay Letourneau, don’t worry about what he thinks of you….

  4. No way! I saw it on the plane and cried, and my 14 year old is STILL making fun of me!

  5. Haven’t seen the movie…but I cried like a baby when I read the book and books don’t usually do that to me.

  6. That was totally ME on the way out to California, including sitting next to the teenage boy. To make it worse, before the movie started I made some sarcastic remark to him about how I just couldn’t WAIT to see Miley in action, and he laughed and snorted. Later, I had to turn away from him as I wiped my tears. I knew from the hospital bedside scene that it was best if I just remove my earphones and read SkyMall instead, so I missed any further humiliation.

  7. Hahaha! Too bad you weren’t sitting with Meagan.

    I’m mad at Miley Cyrus because my 10-year old daughter said she had lost all respect for her when she got a tattoo, which meant I had to drop MY PLANS for getting a tattoo. (Although I guess it’s better that Miley went first.)

  8. The crying doesn’t count because you were on a plane. Whatever is good about a film is magnified by a million because you are trapped in the air. For instance, I actually thought DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA YA SISTERHOOD was a great film when flying home from London. Boy was I surprised to see it again on TV. Again, it’s the plane.

  9. I’m mad at her for something altogether different…I have a 7 year old patient on hospice, with an inoperable brain tumor, who told make a wish she wanted to meet HM. They said ok. Her reps said ok. We told her. She got psyched. And guess what? Miley “went on vacation” and refused to call a dying child…so she could go to London and perform, pantiless, in front of a crowd while making out with her dancer.
    Some vacation. hope it was worth it.

  10. I once watched the movie Untamed Heart. Once, because it was really awful and stupid. And yet while I and my 3 girlfriends all were hating this stupid movie, we ALL started sobbing when the bad thing happened. We didn’t want to, we didn’t care, and yet we were crying our eyes out. I still kinda hate myself for that, but at least I know I wasn’t the only one to succumb to the cheesy awfulness. At least on a plane you could pass off crying as being related to whatever event you were leaving from or going to.

  11. Dammit Karl stole my line.

    But considering I live in the future, I technically said it before him. So there.

  12. I love Nicholas Sparks, and loved that book. But I refuse to see the movie because she’s in it. There aren’t enough words to express just how much I despise her.

  13. You (and myriad commenters) have made me interested enough to put the book on my hold list at the library. But I don’t really have any sympathy for you (yet)(says the woman who bawled her eyes out during Toy Story 3).

    And unless you’re interested in dating the 14-yr-old boy, who the heck cares what he thinks of you?

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