Musings from an Airplane

I was just in the airplane bathroom (no, this is not about poop) when I noticed the lovely wallpaper.

I think my questions are obvious:

1)   There is wallpaper in the airplane lavatories? I have to pay $25 per bag and six bucks for a shitty sandwich and United is spending money on wallpapering the restrooms? What the hell?

2)   Who is small enough to fit in there and wallpaper the place? Are there children performing this task? Is Twiggy working for the airlines?  occupied

3)   Somebody is actually in charge for buying the wallpaper for airplane. Someone gets paid to do this. Weird.

4)   Number three wasn’t really a question at all was it?

5)   If I weren’t a blogger would I spend significantly less time  pondering airplane restrooms? Or would I just bother my husband with this sort of nonsense?

6) Wait – but I am a blogger. Can I write this flight off now that I’ve written this?

7) This is exactly the sort of crap that is preventing me from getting a book deal, isn’t it?

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  1. smart aleck says:

    Wait–are you still on that same flight? It’s okay that a 14 year old boy saw you cry—now get home to your husband and kids!!!!

  2. I would totally wonder about the same thing. My guess is they probably wallpaper the walls first, then put the walls up in the airplane. I’ve never actually used an airplane bathroom though.

    Are we ever going to get together? *sigh* The twins are ogling your flickr badge.

  3. When I got to your fourth point I was all “Wait, I know what Number 1 is, and what Number 2 is, but what is Number 3?”

    “And why did she want to do it in an airplane bathroom but it was out of the question?”

    And then I realized that I’m an idiot. (Which is the thing that’s preventing me from getting a book deal.)

  4. Admit it. You wrote this post while ACTUALLY IN THE BATHROOM, didn’t you.

  5. I feel like you just floated into my brain, grabbed one of my random thoughts and then wrote a super-funny post about it. So, I totally think you deserve a book deal.

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